Back in September 1982 Richard Pilcher installed a brand new entrance gate on the drive of his property at Nonnington in Kent. 

richard and old Jacksons entrance gate in 1982

The gate was from the local Kent company Jacksons and was a little bit pricier than others on the market, but Richard recognised the quality and his expectations were that this lovely gate would last for a good long while…

Jacksons entrance gate in 1982

Obviously he is a very discerning gentleman, but even he was amazed when thirty years later he is only just replacing the entrance gate he installed in 1982.

richard and Jacksons entrance gate now

His new gate is a Jacksons entrance gate too and he pointed out to installer Martin Gosbee, of Gosbee Construction, that the old gate wasn’t really too bad, or rotten, it just looked not so pretty these days, so it wanted to be replaced. (here it is pictured left)

So the lovely new Jacksons entrance gate has been hung in the driveway of Richard’s property and guess what -  it’s on the old gate posts, that are still so solid even after thirty years, there was just no need to put new ones in, and they are still looking great!

richard and his new pair of entrance gates

Thank you Richard for sharing this great Driveway Gate story with us, and it good to have another example of how our products that are guaranteed for 25 years really do last even longer than their guarantee.

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