Large properties and subsequent large boundaries will of course be more expensive to fence. A lot more fencing will be required to secure the boundary, but are there ways to save money?

Before we begin, it's worth mentioning that we recommend investing in fencing with a long lifetime guarantee as it will give you confidence its longevity. Our timber fencing is guaranteed for 25 years and will last beyond that. Cheaper alternatives may need replacing 2-3 times in that time frame, costing you every time. If you have to fence a large property, you only want to do this once to save yourself money in the long run.

Quick take aways

  • Invest in quality, to install fencing once
  • Simple panel design
  • Consider installing fencing yourself
  • Utilise trees to create your boundary
  • Opt for short fence panels

What is the cheapest fencing for a large property?

There are three things to consider here

  1. Simple panel design
  2. Short height fencing
  3. Post and rail fencing

For fence panels to fence large areas, you'll see more simple designs, such as Featherboard, will be a cheaper design than more contemporary, unique designs. The main reason for this, is only down to the amount of timber used to make the panel itself. Featherboard also has a sawn finish so does not get planed during manufacturing.

Front garden fencing featherboard

Each style offers different levels of privacy, so depending on where the fencing will be installed, and what level of privacy is required, on panel may suit better than the other. Choose Featherboard for privacy in the rear garden, and picket fencing or short Featherboard for a front garden.

Rounded pale palisade

Post and rail

Larger gardens are often found in rural areas. Rural properties may not have the need for as much privacy, therefore different styles of fencing can be considered. If that is the case, post and rail fencing may be suited. Again, the fence is made during the installation and with a post and rail fence there aren’t as many components that go into making the fence, reducing the cost significantly.

Post and Rail

Short fencing

Another consideration if you have set your heart on a certain style of fencing, is to reduce the height of it. Shorter fence panels contain less material so they are cheaper to buy. If you opt for 1.52m fence instead of a 1.83m fence, the cost per panel goes down. If a taller fence is required, you could consider adding an additional gravel board to the base. Gravel boards are installed below the fence panel and protect the panel from ground contact. These are required to qualify for our 25-year guarantee. Our gravel boards are 140mm tall, if you combine two with a 1.52m high fence, the overall fence height will then become 1.8m.

short fence panel ideas

Where the fence is situated will influence what height the fence can be. To save money installing fencing in front gardens, consider low height fencing, which is usually a requirement anyway, particularly in terraced houses.

Give up style for substance

The style of fencing you choose does impact the overall look of your garden, but getting the most desired fence panel can sometimes come at a cost.

Contemporary panels, especially if a lot of timber is used to make them, may cost more than a panel that uses less. Sometimes you may have to choose an alternative style of fence to suit your budget, which is why our range is so broad and varied. If Venetian Hit and Miss is the ideal panel for you but a little out of your price range, consider standard Hit and Miss instead, or Horizontal Tongue and Groove. Alternatives still offer a contemporary feel but at a lower cost. If privacy is not an issue for you, Venetian is another alternative to Venetian Hit and Miss.

Featherboard panels are also very cost effective. Kit form isn’t for everyone, especially if installing the fence yourself. Featherboard is an underrated classic, that offers a subtle elegance to a boundary and allows you to use it as a simple backdrop to build on your garden design.

Utilise trees

Hedges and thick bushes can also be used to mark boundaries. Consider what trees and shrubs you use along the boundary so that they will provide security. Well established trees can be expensive to buy, so opt for trees that are a few years old and layer with fencing. In a few years, fast growing trees will surpass the fence level, creating a taller boundary which is harder to scale. Opt for defensive planting as well to increase the security benefits but always avoid planting that could accidentally catch and harm a passer-by (close to a highway or footpath for example).

Install fencing yourself

Installation of fencing can be just as expensive as the fencing itself. It is worth noting, a fence is only as good as its installation, so hiring a skilled professional will ensure that the installation is correct and any tricky snagging areas are handled from a place of experience.

Fence installation

However, at times when costs need to be saved, it is possible to take on the installation yourself.

Here is our installation video on how to install a garden fence. This tutorial shows how to install a fence panel with slotted Jakposts®.

Other ways to save costs if replacing fencing is to remove the old fencing yourself. Anything to reduce the amount of time an employed person is required to spend on site, should reduce the costs. It may be wise to ask for a quote for the takedown of the previous fencing with the number of hours the installer has allocated to do so, then ask for another quote with that time taken off. Please don’t expect every installer to accept this way of working, taking down a fence can be a difficult job as posts are cemented into the ground. This has to be done correctly in order to install new fencing. It also does require specific tools, that you may not have available.

Finally, remember that a good quality fence is a worthwhile investment. A fence with a 25 year guarantee is here to stay, reducing any surprise costs in the future, and it’s better for the environment too.