BBC Gardeners' World Live 2022

This year we had the pleasure of working alongside JKD Studio and one of our Approved Installers, Big Fish Landscapes Ltd, to help bring together a beautiful Chinese inspired meditation show garden.  

garden designers at bbc world live

The garden is called Memory of Mountains and the design centres around a beautiful mountain scene which forms the backdrop to the garden. To create the mountain scene, we supplied Featherboard pales that were stained to looked weathered. The sawn timber pales have a rough texture that adds to the weathered appearance that the designer wanted to capture.  

Memory of mountains show garden

The central element of the design is a rainwater pool that empties and fills to emulate when pools dry over warmer times with no rainfall.  

The front feature screen is free standing, with hit and miss vertical battens in varying widths. The thick and thin pattern creates a ‘mountain range’ type shadow effect when viewed while also still allowing views to the planting behind.  

timber fencing at garden show

The side of the show garden was covered in our Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels. Made up of horizontal pales, the fence panels are there to create a low backdrop that doesn’t conflict with the other features of the garden. The horizontal pales add a contemporary feel that marries nicely with the other design elements. By using a horizontal paled fence panel, the designer has utilised the horizontal lines to draw the viewer’s eye across the whole garden, keeping constant interest and a field of vision throughout. The natural timber appearance complements the vibrant greens, pinks, and purples within the planting whilst also contrasting the white and black mountain scene, helping it to stand out.  

fencing at bbc gardeners world live

Venetian Hit and Miss fence panels are often chosen by garden designers as they offer a contemporary style timber panel that enhances the natural beauty of a garden design. 

BBC Gardeners' World Live 2021

We are excited to show you this beautiful show garden, designed and created by Earthstone Landscapes, our Approved Installer based in Kent.

gardeners world live

Featured in the Association of Professional Landscapers’ (APL) Avenue themed ‘A British Affair’, the avenue celebrates quintessential Britain. Other show gardens’ themes include woodlands and coastlines.

urban fence panels gardeners world

Earthstone Landscapes’ interpretation of quintessentially British falls with a James Bond themed garden, the popular spy novel series written by Ian Fleming, a British writer who lived locally to where Earthstone Landscapes are based in Kent.

Our Urban fence panels with their unique slatted design are used with our new Mi-T® metal garden fence posts to frame the garden, and complement the sleek and modern design you would expect in a James Bond themed garden. 

Our new metal garden fence Mi-T® posts were perfect for the design as from the front they can hardly be seen, allowing a seamless slatted fencing design across the garden. The parts of the fence post that can be seen are finished in a contemporary anthracite grey to harmonise with the James Bond theme.

timber fencing at gardeners world 

The garden has been designed to provide outdoor spaces to relax using high quality landscaping products, whilst being mindful of the size of the garden and the budget available.

contemporary fence panels used by garden designer

We manufacture all our timber and metal products here in Britain, and are proud to be part of a garden celebrating Britain. It is also a privilege to be able to help showcase the premium level of garden design and installation that our Approved Installers can provide. 

Earthstone Landscapes' garden won a Silver Merit at BBC Gardeners World Live 2021