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 Featherboard closeboard fencing panels

Choosing the right garden fence can be a daunting prospect, particularly if you’ve never done it before. You might want to go for a simple choice like Featherboard, but how do you sort the good from the bad in a market with a lot of lookalike products, especially if you are buying fencing online? 

Don’t worry help is at hand, read on for Jacksons top tips on choosing the best Featherboard fencing for your garden

Thickness of Pales & Rails 


Competitors' Featherboard pales are thinner overall, which makes them weaker and vulnerable on knots that can cause splits, like the one shown here


Split in a knot

Traditional, Convex or Concave Featherboard? 


Recognised as one of the strongest quality fencing systems on the market, with superior-strength top and bottom rails we have three contemporary designs available.

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 Featherboard convex fence panel


Matching Gates 


Made from treated timber, constructed with galvanised bolts and stainless steel nails, our gates are all made to the same exceptional quality as our fences and guaranteed for 25 years. 

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 Feather edge panels rear and gate


Discover the most-likely reasons why your fence might break And how to avoid it happening to you 

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