Featherboard, also known as closeboard or feather edge fencing, is a durable, versatile type of fence that is favoured by many due to its timeless and simple design.

How do you choose which featherboard fencing is most suited to you and your requirements? Here we explain.

Featherboard Fencing

Known for its strength and versatility, Featherboard fencing has earned its reputation as one of the most popular styles available and is commonly be seen in a variety of gardens across the UK. With its vertical pale design, this adaptable fencing is the perfect choice for those seeking a sturdy and secure privacy fence solution.

Similar to the way a bird’s feathers lay and the reason for the name, its solid design has distinctive overlapping vertical pales with no gaps between them. The pales are also roughly sawn rather than planed smooth, giving a texture to the fence and blending with wild gardens or contrasting neat spaces. This finish also contributes to its lower price point.

Types of Featherboard Fence Panels

featherboard closeboard fencing panels

Convex; Upwards arching featherboard design, Concave; Downward arching featherboard design, Flat topFlat straight featherboard design.

Kit form Featherboard

As the name suggests, kit form or traditional featherboard is supplied in individual components; rails, pales, posts, and gravel boards, which are combined on site.

traditional featherboard fencing

Using kit form fencing allows the freedom to adapt the fence line to changes in ground levels, which is popular on steep boundaries and to manoeuvre around trees and other obstacles with ease. It also means that no cutting of panels is required to fit the fence into a specific length, and there is minimal waste as you can buy only what you need.

What is the difference between Closeboard and Featherboard?

Featherboard is also known as featheredge or closeboard fencing. There is no difference between Closeboard and Featherboard, these are just different naming conventions which change from supplier to supplier.

choosing featherboard fencing

Why should I choose featherboard fencing with a guarantee?

Long guarantees showcase the manufacturer’s confidence in their product and the longevity of it. When buying anything, especially a sometimes-costly product like fencing, investing in quality fencing that has a long lifetime guarantee, is the wise option to prevent reoccurring costs.

feather edge fence panels

The benefits of choosing featherboard fencing

  1. Durability
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Adaptability
  4. Ease of repairs
  5. Strength


Is Featherboard strong?

Yes, Featherboard fencing is known for its strength and durability. While the exact strength can vary depending on the specific construction and quality of the materials used, Featherboard fencing is designed to be robust and long-lasting, seen as a staple in many gardens.

feather edge boards

Our Featherboard fencing is made with 2 or 3 rails depending on the height of the panel itself which gives support to the pales. 100mm timber pales are overlapped by 20mm. We only use pressure treated timber that is guaranteed for 25 years which protects the timber from rot and insect attack.

Matching gates with your chosen featherboard fencing

featherboard close board fencing

We manufacture three types of featherboard gates to match our convex, concave, and flat top designs.

Featherboard Range