The clients wanted the garden completely redesigned and with an open, bright and inviting space in which they could sit and relax, or somewhere that doubled as an outdoor room in which they could entertain friends and family.

Garden from side view before redesign

The garden was in real need of attention; the old fences to the boundaries were rotten, and most of the ground was covered with mud and moss infested ancient artificial turf. There were some side beds, but the few shrubs were all rather overgrown and in a poor state of health.

For the boundaries the clients liked the idea of strong horizontal lines, like the contemporary slatted fence panels that are becoming very popular. It was also important that the fences looked good from both sides.

Old garden and fence before redesign

As a contrast to the strong straight lines, they were keen on organic curves and shapes in the garden, with edges softened by low maintenance planting.

The main part of the garden sits at a considerably lower level than the sitting room at the back of the house. It also slopes away from the house, so it was vital to introduce some raised levels in the space to lift the garden up more in line with the house, this will help make these parts of the garden feel connected. Having differing levels in the space also adds interest.

Existing rotten overlap fence

The starting point for the design was to have curved shapes and a large enough main patio to accommodate some comfy chairs. So central to the new garden is the main circular patio with a sculpted curved path leading to it from the house. Behind this are two more, smaller circular paved areas, which draw you out into the garden, creating a journey within the garden, even in such a small space. By partially enclosing these in rendered walls the level of the end of the garden feels considerably raised and more on a level with the house.

Echoing the shape of the top of the furthest wall is a beautiful curved hardwood floating bench seat, which gives a strong focal point and additional seating for entertaining.

Jacksons Hit and Miss horizontal fence panels were the obvious choice for the boundaries as the client loved the idea of the horizontal slats of wood and the contemporary fence panels look great from both sides. The neighbours were equally delighted with the choice.

Newly installed Hit Miss horizontal slatted fence panels

Jacksons fencing was chosen because of its clean finish, high quality, craftsman-like build and, of course, the 25-year guarantee. The fact that this fencing has a long life is very important with a project like this, the clients are making an investment in a garden that should look good for many years, so all the products including the fencing must stand the test of time.
Garden steps to horizontal Hit and Miss panels
The garden is quite shady and so the planting reflects this environment with a mixture of plants including Ferns, Euphorbias, Digitalis and Japanese Anemones. A strong framework of shrubs – many of which are evergreen and produce flowers and berries will give the garden a strong green structure as they mature and make the garden feel more intimate.

Similarly an evergreen Jasmine is planted against the sunny rear fence and other more shade tolerant climbers will give splashes of colour in the summer. A slender Silver Birch tree in the far corner ‘borrows landscape’ from the neighbours gardens as they have birches too and small Japanese Acers add additional beauty and atmosphere to the space. Overall the planting is low maintenance required really just a spring and autumn clear up to keep things looking good.
Finished garden design with Hit and Miss panels

The Clients said this, “Peter designed our garden over the spring of 2016 and we had a final finished garden in November. He spent a long time listening to what we wanted and making suggestions on how we could use our small garden space better. He came up with a design, which we were really happy with and we now have a fantastic garden! Peter is so easy to do business with. He is highly recommended by us.”  The excellent work carried out on this project was done by