A few years ago we had a very special visit from a local fan, and we have now had the chance to help him with his small business.

After receiving a letter from a local four year-old, Arthur, who loved driving past our head office on his way to nursery and seeing all the lorries and forklift busy about their day, we invited him to take a tour and meet some of our staff.

jacksons fencing suport local business

Fast forward almost three years, and our number one fan has created his own small business selling kindling wood to his neighbours from Crundale to Waltham and Petham, Kent. Promoting his business using flyers that he wrote himself, and setting off to distribute his products, Arthur has created a very successful business.

The latest addition is that of an honesty box filled with wood, as well as chutneys and jams made by his mum, from fruits they grew in the garden over summer. After running out of their own supply of kindling wood, Arthur wrote to us at Jacksons Fencing to see if we could help a fellow local business and supply some wood for Arthur to sell.

At Jacksons Fencing, we take great pride in manufacturing our products in Britain and will always try our best to support local businesses, no matter how small. After reading Arthur's letter, we couldn't pass on the opportunity to help the young enthusiastic boy we showed round our site those years ago.

young fan gets help from local business


We donated a huge tonne bag full of untreated wood, that Arthur, with a little help from his dad, he started putting into bundles of kindling ready to sell.

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The recent snowy weather hasn't stopped Arthur delivering to his customers, he's taken his sleigh out in order to transport the wood around.Jacksons support youngs fan local business

Since starting his business Arthur has donated to Canterbury's Cat Charity and to Seabird.org to share his support for other good causes.

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