Which fence is mine?

Do you need to replace your fencing?

We offer a full range of premium quality fence panels if you need to replace your boundary fencing. We recommend investing in fence panels that are built to last. Look for pressure treated timber that has a long guarantee as this will save you both time and money in the future.

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How high can your fence be?

Without planning permission being required, a fence can be up to 2 metres. If your wall or fence is adjacent to a highway (including a footpath) then the height of a wall or fence cannot exceed 1m without planning permission. If in doubt you should contact your local authority before making any changes or increasing boundary height. Have a read of our planning permission advice page for more information.

Do you need planning permission?

How do I get my neighbour to repair their fence?

Frustratingly, there is no way to make your neighbour repair their fence, even if it is rotting and making your garden look unsightly. You can look to hire a disputes expert but this will go down as an official dispute and will have to be declared when selling your house. The only way to get around this would be to install your own fence within your boundary right next to it.

Talk to your neighbour first

We always recommend discussing plans or concerns with a neighbour before commencing with any work.

For more information on boundary disputes read our in-depth blog.

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Need to replace fencing?

If the fence is yours and you need to replace it, we have a range of premium quality timber fence panels with a 25 year guarantee.

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