Fence Panel Heights and Widths

Fence Panel heights and widths

Although most people these days in the UK use metric measurements as a matter of course, items like fence panels were originally made in the older imperial measurements of feet and inches, so you will find that it is generally accepted that they are still made in sizes from 1ft, in increments of foot, up to 6ft, as these are the sizes that fence panels are usually made in. The same goes for the standard width of a fencing panel being 6f too. For example, a common size is 6x6 fence panels which equate to 6ft wide x 6ft high. So nowadays they are made to these old imperial sizes, but the official measurements they are sold in are often listed as metric: centimetres, meters and sometimes in millimetres.

Here’s a handy conversion table to help:

Panel conversion table

  • 6ft = 1.83m (1830mm)
  • 5ft = 1.52m (1520mm)
  • 4ft = 1.22m (1220mm)
  • 3ft = 0.91m (910mm)
  • 2ft = 0.6m (600mm)
  • 1ft = 0.3m (300mm)
6 Foot Fencing Panels

6 x 6 Fence Panels

The highest standard panel height is normally 6ft, this is not by chance, it is dictated by UK planning laws; they state that planning is required for any fence over 2m, so it follows that the highest standard panels that are usually available are 1.83m high - that’s our 6ft panel in imperial, which is makes good sense as it allows for a gravel board to be installed at the bottom of the panel in contact with the ground.

Fence Panel Wooden Gravel Boards

Include Gravel Boards With Your Fence Panels

As mentioned above and the next thing to explain; gravel boards. These are a strong and durable board, usually about 150mm high by 28mm deep by 1.83m long, which run horizontally between the posts on the ground, that the fence panel rests on. The thinking is they are called gravel boards because they would help contain loose earth, stones or gravel from washing out from under the fencing. These days we strongly recommend the use of gravel boards to help protect the bottom of the panel from resting on damp earth. Jacksons gravel boards are made from a specific type of wood that when kiln dried and pressure treated are resistant to rot when in constant ground contact.  The gravel board must also be installed so the fence complies with our guarantee conditions.

If you combine the height of the gravel board, 6 inches or 150mm, with 6ft or 1.83m high fence panels, it comes to 6ft 6 inches or 1.98m, which is under the required 2m planning height limit.

We should point out here that a hedgehog friendly version of the gravel board is now available from Jacksons Fencing, this has a handy hedgehog sized hole made in the board, that allows foraging hedgehogs to move easily between gardens. Jacksons introduced these as an option for customers who are keen to help wildlife, in response to dwindling hedgehog numbers in the UK.

Short Garden fence panels

Shorter Fence Panels


Lower fence panel heights of 1ft to 4ft would usually only be used for demarcation purposes, between front gardens, or driveways. They are handy for marking a boundary, but don’t present much of an obstacle for climbing. They are sometimes used with mid range height fence panels as a topper panel usually for aesthetics (commonly trellis or semi solid panels).  Not all fence panels are available in shorter heights as standard.

Taller fencing panel used a garden screen

Taller Fence Panels

Taller fence panels between 4ft and 6ft, are much more useful for deterring unwanted visitors, the extra height makes them harder to get over and it offers increased privacy from prying eyes. It is worth making some distinction here between solid panels, like Featherboard (also known as Feather edge or Close board fencing) and Tongue and Groove effect, these provide much more security and privacy, because there are no spaces or gaps between the fence pales or boards. When compared to semi-solid panels like trellis, horizontal slatted panels Venetian or Woven panels. Privacy may be a concern though, as most of them are reasonably easy to see through, they do offer certain benefits though; more light can get through the open design, which is great if you want more light in your garden, they also can create wonderful light and shade effects. Another bonus of fencing and trellis panels is that the gaps not only allow light through, but also air, or more importantly wind. In locations where strong winds are a problem a solid fence would present a barrier that won’t let any wind through it, this can weaken the fence over time and could result in the fence failing, breaking or being blown over, if the foundations are not strong enough. A panel that has some gaps or spaces offer less wind resistance and will allow wind to travel though it, this is just right for fencing windy locations.

Although a perfect compromise could be a combination of a low solid panels of say 3ft or 4ft high - which at this height, should not present too much of a barrier to the wind, with contemporary or trellis topper panels on the top, making the height up to 5ft or 6ft.

Installing Fence Panels in Slotted Posts

Fence Panel Installation advice

When offering general advice on fencing, we should at least mention fence installation. The old saying, “A fence is only as secure as its installation” is worth paying attention to. When you’ve chosen the style and height of the panels you want, whilst making sure they are strong, well made and treated properly - hopefully with a 25 year guarantee against rot and insect attack, then be sure to choose strong wooden posts. Quite often this can be where it literally all falls down! If you don’t choose posts that are made from the right type of timber, that are kiln dried and pressure treated, the posts can rot once they are dug in to the ground. If you want to find out more about Jacksons slotted posts and how to ensure they are installed to the right depth, at least 600mm, with the correct ground preparation so the post is resting on gravel for drainage, you can find out everything you need to know on our fence installation advice page.

Premium Feather edge garden gate detail

Gates to Match Our Panels


A secure and strong fence panel run would not be complete without a matching gate.  Most of our panel ranges have gates that match the panels perfectly.

View our matching gates  



Jacksons 25 Year Guarantee

Jakcure is Jacksons unique ISO 9001 accredited process that allows preservative to penetrate deep into the timber through total immersion and vacuum pressure. We are so confident in our Jakcure process that we back it with a 25 year guarantee against all wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot.

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