How do you reduce the size (width) of a fence panel?

This depends on the style and type of fence panel. Our Featherboard panels are simple to cut down and do not require the use of any additional components, however alternative framed panels will potentially require a cut width kit. 

We recommend the use of a cut width kit for framed panels when the width of the fencing needs to be cut down to the appropriate size. All our cut down kits come complete with Installation Instructions and the necessary components. 

Common questions for fence panels widths

“We were looking for an 8ft trellis panel, but wondered if they come in this width and would they need central support”

“I am looking for a 2x fence panels 4ft wide by 6ft tall, can you do this?”

“can fence panels be cut down to fit a space”

The answers to these questions all vary but in short: yes the width of your chosen fence panel can be reduced but the width of a fence panel cannot be increased from 1.83m, it can only reduced. Therefore, if you wanted to reduce your fence panel from 6ft (1.83m) to 4ft (1.22m) you can do this using a cut width kit.

Do all panels require a cut width kit?

Some panels are made with less complexity compared to others, usually with pales attached to rails and no frame, for example. Featherboard panels are a perfect case, produced from two or three rails with overlapping pales attached to the front of the rails. In this make up the pales are gently levered from the rails on one side of the panel until removed.

With our Featherboard you are able to remove as many pales as required, then cut the rails to the desired length, use Jakcure® End Treatment where the rails have been cut, re-attach the last pale as was in the original panel and you have a panel reduced to width. You may also wish to centre the Jacksons plaque at the top of the panel once the panel has been modified.

Garden Fence Panels

Do I need to reduce the width of a panel?

Calculate the number of panels required for your fence run

For a fence run between two points, in a straight line across level ground: mark the start and end points of the run by driving short stakes/pegs into the ground or marking the ground and measure between the two points.

Our fence panels are designed for use with Slotted Jakposts® (Standard 100 x 100mm or Heavy-Duty 120 x 124mm) but may also be used with square section (non-slotted) posts (Standard 70 x 70mm or Heavy 91 x 91mm). For our standard panels (1.83m wide) we suggest using 1.880m centres for Standard Slotted Jakposts and for 1.905m Heavy-Duty Slotted Jakposts. 

Use the overall measurement you have taken for the fence run and deduct the sectional dimensions of the selected posts required. Divide this dimension by the standard width of our fence panels (1.8m / 1880mm) to give you the number of full panels required, for example: 

18m / 1.880m = 9.57 Jacksons fence panels.

Another simple method to calculate how many panels you require is to use our Fence Builder application which will do it all automatically. 

fence calculator price

Cut down width kits are important

You may notice from our example the total run the last panel will need to be cut down to fit into the 18 meter fence line. The cut down kit consists of an end frame/piece which is then reapplied to the freshly cut panel which adds a high quality finish to the job for a neat and tidy end to your run of fence panels as well as all the fixings required.

Our cut width kits can only be used exclusively with our fence panels and the required kit will be found on the product page if needed. 

Cutting the width of a gravel board

If you ever modify the length of the fence panel and require a cut width kit you will also have to cut gravel boards to the matching width.

In our experience the ground is often fraught with undulations, uneven surface and even slopes or holes so cutting a fence panel and gravel board to suit may be essential. 

Like our fence panels our gravel boards are 1.83m long. Our gravel boards include two spacer blocks stopping the gravel board from being able to move when installed in the slotted posts. These spacer blocks can usually be easily removed but they can also be purchased separately if spares are needed (667601) so once the length of the board is cut you will need to reapply a spacer block to insert back into the slotted fence post. We also supply a hedgehog friendly version of this gravel board (667610). We generally advise when cutting any out of ground timber only from Jacksons Fencing, to always apply our Cut End Preservative but gravel board (in ground contact timber) is the only scenario where we allow the use of out Cut End Preservative to preserve 25 years guarantee.

How to install gravel board

Should you require more information relating to gravel boards such as how to install them or why they are required in a run of fencing, we recommend reading our blog, What is a Gravel Board and is it Essential?

If you need any further information relating to our panels, reducing their width or gravel boards, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly sales team