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Choosing Featherboard / Feather Edge fencing

If you were asked to think of a typical garden fence, I’m pretty sure the image that most people will conjure up would be of a very ordinary Featherboard, also known as feather edge fencing and sometimes closeboard.

It’s not a fancy contemporary fence, hasn’t got any exciting or fussy wavey-topped trellis on it, it’s just a standard strong privacy fence made from overlapping pales that are fixed to horizontal rails, that in turn are secured to posts dug in to the ground, at a certain height. A ubiquitous, generic fence, that offers an inoffensive neutral and strong backdrop for your garden.

Featherboard is a solid style fence, read about the other types and styles of fencing available

If you want to fence front or back garden borders you could look to buy feather edge fencing online or visit DIY stores, and you could be forgiven for thinking there can’t be much difference between any of them; a photo of one feather edge fence panel will look pretty much like another. Some may differ in colour, especially the ones that have been made that strange orange colour that seems to be everywhere in the cheaper DIY stores, but essentially they look the same, right? No wrong. Here are a few reasons why all feather edge fences aren’t all the same, and what makes Jacksons superior:

Feather egde Fencing Pales compared

Thickness of the pales

The Feather edge pales are the parts of the fence that run vertically (or top to bottom). These are attached to horizontal rails. The pales are called feather edge or featherboard, because they taper – one side is thicker and it tapers to a finer width, similar to a feather hence the name. The thickest part of the pale on a Jacksons Fencing featherboard pale is a sturdy 15mm. This gives the pale and the fence overall, extra strength compared to most other types of this fencing, where it is usual for the thickest part of the pale to be only 10 or 11mm.

An additional and very important difference is noticeable on the thinner side of the pale; on a Jacksons pale it tapers to 6mm, but on cheaper pales it can be as thin as 4mm, which is very flimsy and will be prone to snapping easily, especially where there are flaws and knots in the wood. On this one pictured here from a major DIY store you can see daylight through the thinnest part of the pale. The difference in the thickness may not sound much, but it affects the overall strength of the pale, as you can see in this picture, the thinner pale has warped considerably too.

Heavy rail on back of Feather edge fencing panel

Heavy section, precision sawn rails for extra strength


Depending on the height of the fence there are either 2 or 3 rails, having 3 horizontal rails on a taller featherboard fencing panel gives much more strength and integrity to the fence or panel. An additional benefit is the rails are ‘weathered’, this means a slight angle is cut so any rain hitting the top surface of the rail will run off.


Treating Feather Edge Fence Pales

Timber treatment


The best quality timber is an absolute must, when sorting the good fence from the bad. Always try to check on whether the fencing has been treated and also if it has a guarantee. Jackson’s timber is kiln dried to below 30% moisture content and then vacuum pressure treated, so the treatment is forced right in to the cellular level of the timber. This is what gives Jacksons the confidence to guarantee its timber products against rot and insect attack for 25 years.

rusty nails in a feather edge fence

Only rust proof fixings


Imagine going to all that trouble making fences from the best quality and specially treated timber, and then putting the panel together with just any old nails or screws. Within a year or so the metal would oxidise and start to rust. It looks horrible when you get dribbles of rust down panels and posts, but what is worse is that rusty screws and nails get weaker and disintegrate. Eventually the panel will fall apart. So make sure you only buy fencing that is made with top quality stainless steel screws or galvanised fixings.


Feather Edge Fence Panels

Panels and Traditional Featherboard / Feather Edge

Jacksons Featherboard is available in panels from 0.6m to1.83m high, all specifically designed for use with Jacksons slotted fence posts, gavel boards and capping rails. These are available with a choice of level, concave or convex tops, view our premium fence panels.

Traditional non-panel Featherboard is also available with the pales, rails, posts supplied in a kit form or system to be assembled and installed on site, with fence heights with gravel boards from 1.05m to 1.95m.

Feather edge garden gate

Matching Feather edge Gates


A secure and strong fence would not be complete without a gate to match. Jacksons Featherboard gates are made from Jakcured sawn finish softwood, constructed with galvanised bolts and stainless steel nails, all made to the same exceptional quality, guaranteed for 25 years to give you many years of trusty service.

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