All Jacksons Timber products are maintenance free and guaranteed for 25 years

Low Maintenance Garden Fencing

A low maintenance garden that looks good all year round with minimum upkeep will take many hours work to originally design and build, but will be worth all the effort in the long run.


Opt for good quality fencing to ensure it stands the test of time. All Jacksons products carry a unique 25 year guarantee, so after the products have been installed they should be maintenance-free for many years without the hassle of retreating every year.


If you still like the idea of greenery or plant life in the garden then low maintenance plants are the way forward. Low maintenance plants can include Conifers, shrubs and ornamental grasses that can make any garden look great.

Outdoor Rooms

Bring the inside out by creating a beautiful outdoor room for all to enjoy. An outdoor room usually consists of a paved area just off the house, opting for hard landscaping like paving not only looks beautiful, but it’s easy to maintain. See how one of our customers created an outdoor room using Canterbury Combi fencing here.

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