Mackay & Simpson Fencing have fenced everything from zoos to gardens and have a wealth of experience in the agricultural fencing sector.

Located in Southport, Merseyside, Andy and Gareth of Mackay and Simpson Fencing recently installed our Canterbury Combi Fence Panels complete with a matching gate in a garden.

garden fence panels

The clients own a garden centre, so they know a thing or two about gardens and knew exactly what they were are after when choosing fencing

As lockdown began, they felt this was the opportunity to revamp their own garden. At Jacksons we have seen a huge rise in people renovating their gardens  during the lockdown brought on by Covid-19, with all the spare time, it has been the ideal opportunity to undertake a project that might otherwise have to be done during the weekends. Canterbury Combi fence panels are a hybrid of two panels: solid Tongue and Groove Effect on the lower two thirds running in a horizontal direction, complete with a Venetian slatted top. Redesigned in 2018, these panels are hugely popular with garden designers and customers looking for a contemporary looking fence.  The panels feature a frameless design for owners who want privacy but also want to  keep a contemporary feel.

privacy fence panels

Canterbury Combi is one of the fence panels we recommend for privacy, as the solid tongue and groove does not allow people to see through. Though the panel also keeps the garden feeling open and allows light into it giving those extra minutes of sun that are so precious.

The garden is filled with straight lines, from the horizontal boards in the fence panels to straight lines in the paving stones. Horizontal lines can create the illusion of a larger garden as the lines encourage the eyes to travel further through the garden.

timber gardne fence panels

To accompany the fence panels a matching Canterbury Combi Garden Gate was installed to allow for access through the rear of the property. Special attention was made to  ensure the gate is level with the top of the fence run, topping off this superb install.