Having bought our first house together Jon and I wanted to turn it into our own little paradise on earth. Not an easy mission considering how neglected it all was, the garden worst of all, as you can see from the before photos!

Now that we can enjoy our outdoor space I still find myself smiling at how pretty and light the garden looks. The Hit and Miss Horizontal we chose play a massive role, extending the garden and being so attractive that the fence never felt to us like a barrier but a beautiful feature to admire instead.

It also brings together the country feel of the house and the tropical plants outside, and I know it will all mature graciously together.

It sparked great feedback from the landscapers and lots of interest from the neighbours as well.

Thanks Jacksons

Carla and Jon Twist


Thank you Carla and Jon for sending in your story and photos. I think this is one of my favourite customer projects for a while. The transformation of the garden is fantastic. Everything is beautifully simple, with a luxury minimalist feel with good clean lines, to make the most of the space.

It has actually opened my eyes to how attractive our Hit and Miss fence panels are. I love the way the sunlight shines through them, sometimes illuminating the panels and creating great stripey shadows.

I also liked the attention to detail Jon and Carla show in this project, for instance the finishing touch using the white cobbles to fill the gully at the foot of the fence. It looks great and is something I’ve done in my own garden to tidy up the ground at the bottom of my pergola under the garden trellis.

Something this story also reminds me of is that Hit and Miss panels, are ones that we refer to as ‘good both sides’. If you look at the pic of the garden through the gate, you can see what we mean, because of the construction of the fence panels there are no unsightly rails running across the fence panels on either side. This means that that when used both you and your neighbor get the good side of the fence!  We have three different Hit and Miss fence panel styles, this garden features horizontal, but there are also Vertical. They are all good both sides, along with our designer style Chilham fencing.