Love Your Garden - Series 13 Episode 6 - Enfield

One of the hottest days last year in July saw us supporting the Love Your Garden team to transform a garden.

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For this episode, Alan and the team are in Enfield, a town in North London, to aid Yvonne who tragically lost her son to knife crime when he was just 17. Since losing her son, she has devoted her life to combatting knife crime which has impacted countless young lives and families. The design of the garden is all about creating a space for Yvonne’s family to heal and remember their son.

The design has many contemporary elements that encompass tranquil corners and places to entertain. Throughout the design, bright, vibrant colours marry the different areas and unify the garden. Our Tongue and Groove Effect fence panels were chosen to frame the garden; painted in a turquoise colour to add a pop of colour to the garden. The slotted Jakposts® were kept in their natural timber colour to add contrast, which created a striking effect. Although our fence panels don’t need to be painted or stained to extend their life, fence panels can be painted to suit personal style and the garden aesthetic. Paints should be breathable to allow the timber to naturally expand and contract with changing temperatures and throughout its life.

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Taller fence panels were used on the sides of the garden with neighbours to increase the privacy of the garden, while shorter fence panels were used on one side with views out to the countryside. The panels were topped with a capping rail to finish the fence off.

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The garden was paved in stone paving with a similar style tabletop for the entertaining area. A seating area was installed and wrapped around a firepit. Vibrant borders with purple, red, and white plants framed each section, with the standout fencing contrasting and complementing the colours. A white pergola framed the table which added another contrasting colour, but a similar tone to the concrete benches and tiles. A water feature was installed to aid the sense of tranquillity and add natural sounds of flowing water in the garden.

Overall, the garden gives the family a place to enjoy being together and to reminisce on the times they spent with their lost family member.

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Love Your Garden - Series 12

This season of Love Your Garden features many aspirational people. We were fortunate to be asked to work on a garden makeover in Southampton to give Lily, a 7 year old girl with a rare genetic condition, Weiderman-Stiener syndrome a garden to enjoy. With the help of one of our Approved Installers we installed our Featherboard fence panels. 

fencing on love your garden

The garden was designed around the theme of water, with three separate water features. The design was made to be visually, texturally and aurally stimulating with the sound of running water for tranquillity.  

We supplied Featherboard fence panels for the garden that became the backdrop to many features. Featherboard is a classic fence panel that many of us will have in our garden due to its timeless design. Made using overlapping timber pales, the solid fence panel offers complete privacy. Pales are sawn compared to planed which means they are rough to touch. This adds beautiful texture to a garden which plays into the design of the garden.  

Installed with timber slotted Jakposts®, the fence panels can be secured by slotting them into the posts and fixing into place using stainless steel screws. By screwing the fence panel to the post, you immediately make the garden more secure as the fence panel cannot be easily lifted out and entry gained from underneath.  

To complete the look, we installed capping rail onto the fence panels which adds a smart finishing touch.  

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We always enjoy working on Love Your Garden projects as each garden means so much to the chosen person, each with their own story and hardship they endure. The logistics and days installing can be challenging, but if we can help to make their lives a little better, it's always worth it.