Combining more than one panel is an easy way to customise and create a garden fence that is suited to your requirements and personal preference.

Our fence panels can be easily combined using our slotted Jakposts®, as the majority of our fence panel range is designed to work with them. Panels are slotted into our posts, one on top of each other if required, and then secured into place. For taller fencing, or fence panels that are heavier, heavy duty slotted Jakposts® may be required to provide adequate support.

Our Approved Installer network is nationwide, and all the included installers are ready to create your perfect fence. Just Fencing, one of our Approved Installers based in Woking, Surrey has combined multiple fence panels within different projects to cater for each homeowner’s requirements.

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With a seating area close to the boundary, privacy is paramount to allow the outdoor space to be enjoyed without people looking in. By choosing Featherboard, a simple yet elegant panel, paired with a square trellis topper, the fence boasts the benefits of a solid fence panel for privacy, and semi-solid trellis for maximum sunlight.

As both properties on either side of the fence are in close proximity to the boundary, choosing this choice of panel combination prevents any light being lost into the home. Trellis panels are also double sided, meaning both sides get the same design. This is great for a shared boundary.timber fence installer surrey

The height of trellis you use will impact the light and air flow. Using a taller trellis, like in this project, 0.43m high Premier Square Trellis was used. We offer a slightly shorter panel at 0.30m high, if more privacy is desired.

Our Premier Square Trellis is framed on three sides offering a premium finish. This will offer good support for any climbing plants if you choose to plant them and train them up the fencing.

Another great fence panel combination installed by the fence installer, was Vertical Tongue and Groove Effect panels with Premier Square Trellis Topper and capping rail. This pairing is great on the eye and that’s mostly down to the vertical lines within both panels. One seamlessly blends into the other. Again, opting for a solid fence panel for the lower parts of the fence offers privacy while the trellis keeps light flowing and offers a unique design for the fence line. The hedge behind still gets light through this side of the panel, so it will continue growing upwards, increasing privacy levels.

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For those wanting a ready to go combination fence panel, our Canterbury Combi panel is for you. The top quarter of the panel uses our contemporary Venetian slats, combined with our Horizontal Tongue and Groove Effect fence panel making up the lower three quarters of the panel. The continual horizontal lines ooze a contemporary feel and help to elongate the garden, as the viewer’s eye is drawn along the length of the boundary.

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Creating taller fencing

Combining trellis and fence panels is a great technique for creating taller boundaries. Standard fence panels will come in 6ft (1.83m) tall, if a taller fence is required and local restrictions allow, adding trellis can increase the overall fence height.

Good for wind prone areas

Semi-solid fence panels are best for wind prone areas as they allow air to flow through the panel instead of creating a barrier that puts strain on the panel and posts.

By using trellis on top of the panel, it will allow more wind to flow through, reducing the strain.

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Benefits of using two panels

By using two panels, you are able to take advantage of the characteristics of each. Unique designs tailored to your needs can be created and are not reliant on a fencing manufacturer. Taller heights can be created to suit your boundary.

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How a Jacksons Fencing Approved Installer can help

Our Approved Installer network works with our fence panels every day, they know which panels work well together and can help you create the perfect boundary. By using our products daily, they can advise if a longer or thicker post is required to provide adequate support and make any adjustments to the installation to make sure the perfect fence is installed.

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