Why use circles in garden design?


Circles are a great way to create depth and interest to a rectangular shaped plot. Circles provide the option to introduce wider planting plots, rather than shallow rectangles following the edge of the garden. 

circle garden design
 If you have the space to add more than one shape, namely circles, it's a great way to accentuate perspective and give the illusion of a larger space. 

Circles have been used by Monarch Lawn and Landscape to separate areas of the garden into distinct zones that naturally flow around the focal point of the garden. Each zone is centred around the beautiful new lawn laid in the middle of the garden.

Laying the lawn and mowing it in vertical lines will also help create the illusion of a larger space, as vertical lines help to draw the eye out to the far end of the garden.


What to do with your neighbour's side of the fence

A common issue we often find amongst many home owners is the subject of the neighbour's fence. More often than not, neighbours will replace fencing when needed, often after storm damage, but sometimes the side of the fence which you do not own  becomes a sticking point in the design process. As it may not be your responsibility, rightfully you do not need to replace the fencing yourself, but this does leave the overall design open to a potential eyesore. 

planting with trellis

An easy design idea to help relieve this potentially confrontational problem is to hide the eyesore with Trellis panels. Our Tartan Trellis offers the greatest privacy of all our trellis panels with its tight latticed pales, distorting view through the panel itself.

Chosen in this project to give a light and airy feel, it also gives a delicate backdrop to the main planting whilst covering the fence owned by the neighbour. In addition, three Pleached Photinia (Red Robin) trees were planted at the base of the trellis to turn it into a green screen during the summer months. In front of this, Verbena and Santolina 'Edward Bowles’ were block planted for a really impressive feature to the garden. 

tartan trellis as fence screen

Privacy and light in the garden/ common garden misconceptions

Most commonly the biggest garden dilemma:  How to stop my neighbours seeing in, but keep the garden feeling open and maximise sunlight.

One of the most frequent misconceptions is that you can only pick one fence panel and therefore one design. This is not the case. Panel combinations are often the best way to achieve multiple needs or requirements from your fencing.

fence panels for garden design ideas
For example - choosing a solid fence panel to make up the lower two thirds of the fence like our Chilham panel, paired with one of our newest editions to our product range, Roman Topper fence panel. You maintain privacy levels  but as the topper panel has relatively large gaps, light still comes streaming into the garden.

roman topper fence panel
Chilham is part of our 'good both sides' range, offering the same design on both sides and therefore no rails can be seen on the rear side of the fence. With any fence which has rails, it's important to always install the rails on the inside, therefore seen from inside the property and not the outside. If you install the alternate way round you are reducing the levels of security a fence panel offers and providing a ladder into your property. 

This can present the common issue for what to do with the rails or what some people call 'the ugly side' of the fence. To combat this design we created a range of double sided fence panels. No rails for either side means security is kept high and you get the good side of the fence, as well complementing your concept, and keeping your neighbours happy. 

easy garden design techniques

What to do with shady areas of the garden

Keep planting to a minimal and choose hardy, shade loving plants. The circle design allows you to keep borders small in shaded areas. You can also take full advantage of the shade for children's areas. Installed in the top corner of the garden, a low maintenance play area with wood chip flooring, covered by the shade of the surrounding trees, gives function to a space that could have been redundant.

low maintanence garden design ideas


garden design ideas

The garden before the garden renovation

before garden design