Fence panels are frequently the first part of any garden renovation and often the first product to be installed.  This allows you to build up the garden around the prominent feature and backdrop to the whole garden.  

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Chilham, a double-sided fence panel, offers high levels of privacy as its panelled design is completely solid. Due to its high level of privacy it’s a popular choice of fence panel in any garden. The tallest variation of our Chilham fence panel we manufacture is 1.65m high, but there are options to create a taller fence if needed.   

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If you require a 6ft fence, adding a trellis or fence panel topper is the best way to get the style of panel you like in the height you need it to be. Within this garden, Chilham was paired with a  premier square trellis topper which created a beautiful uniformity between the vertical lines in both panels.  Square trellis toppers work well with panels that already have a strong design as they don’t detract from the main element.  

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We supply two types of square trellis, Standard and Premier. Premier Square Trellis is fully framed around the outside, whereas square is only framed on the top side of the panel. 

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As the property backs onto an open field, choosing Chilham provided an extra layer of security. The panelled design has vertical rails and therefore provides no foot or hand holds which an intruder could use to climb over. Keeping the fence high by using a trellis topper also helped to create a secure garden. 

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To complete the look, Chamfered post caps were used on top of the fence posts. 

tiered garden ideas
Starting completely from scratch, the previous garden features were removed to create a blank canvas. The previous patio area was sunken to create the first tier. The lawn was framed by a retaining wall wrapped around the patio, and in true Monarch Lawn and Landscaping style, the lawn was kept circular around the far sides of the garden, to create beautiful and full borders.  

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In the top corner, where the last bit of sun hits the garden, a raised decking area was created.