Different fence posts

Types of fence post

Fence posts are an integral part of a fence line. There are various types of fence posts, and understanding which type you need or is the best for your application is key to help producing a successful fence run.


Types of fence post material

Types of metal posts

Most security fencing will use metal posts, but metal fence posts are also available for garden fencing. Metal posts that are well designed are strong and won't succumb to rot and insect attack. Examples of metal fence post include:

Metal security post

Metal security fence posts are usually tubular in design and made from steel. Depending on the style of fencing, panels may be connected to posts by panel connectors or metal fixings. Steel I beam posts are also used with security fencing that is over certain heights for additional support.

Euroguard Regular V Mesh Fence Post and Fixing

Metal garden fence posts

Metal garden fence posts are available in different styles. Metal is not always as aesthetically pleasing as timber, so looking for a non-intrusive design is a good idea. Styles include tubular designs where the rails of the fence attach to the metal posts, I beam style posts, or Jacksons’ unique Mi-T post that allows the fence run to be seamless from the front.

Mi-T Metal fence posts