Helping you choose the right fence

Choosing the right fence is a personalised process and should be treated as such. Today, fencing is widely available from many suppliers offering traditional kit form to panel form designed for simple installation.

The array of types, styles and shapes is growing everyday so understanding what you want and need from your fencing is crucial for example are you buying designer panels to enhance the aesthetics of garden or is it for practical security reasons because this would present to very different options. Deciding what is right for you is a daunting process but using a personalised approach to understand the difference between the various types and styles you can explore what is right for you.

A fence has the ability to frame an outdoor space and often leaves the biggest impression on a visitor to a property or garden.

We are here to walk you through five popular sections which often feature in a whole range of properties and gardens from a traditional style garden, a cottage garden to a modern urban garden, as well as expert advice on commonly used types and styles and what you need to consider when your thinking about buying a new set of panels or gates.

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