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    25 Year Guarantee

    Softwood timber Jakcure® treated products are guaranteed against wood-boring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot for 25 years.

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Deciding which fence panel is best suited to your garden may take some time and there are essential factors that should be considered before investing in new fencing.

What to consider when choosing fencing


One of the main attributes of fencing is to offer privacy. Solid fence panels will offer privacy from garden to garden, and from passers by. Taller panels will also increase the privacy levels but may not be suitable for front gardens if close to the house.


Security is often a high priority for homeowners. Fence panels are often the first line of defence, so it is crucial to choose fence panels that offer a secure boundary. Opt for vertical pale fence panels so no foot or hand holds can be used to aid climbing, and always opt for timber posts so panels can be secured in place.


Where will the fence be? This does not just mean either the front or back garden, you should consider what the terrain is like or if there are any large obstacles like trees or rocks. This is important to consider as the style of fencing you choose could impact the installation time or potentially increase the amount of work that must be done to fit the panels into the space.


Do you live in a wind prone area? Considering which panel is most suited to this environment while choosing a fence panel will provide you with a panel that is suited to windy conditions. Semi-solid panels are always best suited as they will allow wind to pass through the panel instead of the wind hitting the panel, putting strain on both panel and post.


The quality of the fence will correlate with how long the fencing will last. Always look for a long lifetime guarantee, and pressure treated timber. This will ensure the manufacturer has treated the timber well and is confident that it will last a long time.

Comparison tool

Need help deciding between different fence panels? Our comparison tool lets you compare 3 panels at a time and identifies key strengths and features of each panel.

Comparison ToolView All Styles

Why is installation important, why choose an Approved Installer

After time spent searching for the right fence panel, quality installation should not be an oversight. A good quality fence panel and quality installation is a recipe for success and longevity. Consider using one of our Approved Installers who are vetted by us and continuously monitored to ensure their standards never falter.

What’s the difference between semi-solid and solid fence panels?

Solid fence panels have no line of sight through the panel. There are no gaps between pales, and they offer ultimate privacy.
Semi-solid panels have gaps between the pales. Some styles have larger gaps than others or have an overlapped design, so privacy levels vary.

How to choose a garden gate

Gates pose a whole new set of considerations but mostly similar principles to choosing a fence panel. We have garden and driveway gates to match all our fence panels.

Read our guide to garden gates

Which kind of fence panel will add the most value?

A good quality fence, that is in good condition and still has a long guarantee left will add the most value to your property. If potential buyers see a dilapidated fence, that needs replacing, they may be considering the initial monetary investment straight away upon moving in. This may be an outgoing cost that cannot be afforded and put them off making an offer.
Consider choosing fencing that looks good, whether that is the design or quality. First impressions are always important.

Which type of fence will last the longest?

A good quality timber fence will last for 25 years or more. Always choose a fence that has a long guarantee as that will prove how much the manufacturer trusts their product will last

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What type of fence looks the best?

Horizontal slatted fence panels are often deemed the most attractive and are often favoured by garden designers as they offer a contemporary look. Slatted panels offer a sleek modern look that appeals to many.

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