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Buyers Guide to Garden Gates

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  • Galvanised Fixture & Fittings

    All fixings, nails, screws or bolts should always be either galvanised or stainless steel to ensure longevity.

    1. Maintenance free
    2. Included in your purchase
    3. Environmentally friendly
    4. Guaranteed for 25 years

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  • Gate Posts and Wall Plates

    Discover why using the right type of fence posts really matters for your garden gates.

    1. Right size gate posts must be used
    2. Lighter than concrete posts
    3. Environmentally friendly
    4. Use our Gate Builder Calculator for help
    5. Guaranteed for 25 years

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  • Helping you choose a garden fence

    As a garden enthusiast you are constantly striving to deliver a better standard and we know there's a lot to consider when choosing a new fence.

    See our guide as for help and it covers: things to consider when deciding how you want your fencing to look, what you should take into account when it will be installed, the functionality required and also legal guidelines surrounding fence heights and safety.

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Jacksons Garden Gates

There are fifteen timber gates in the Jacksons garden gates range, that’s one to match almost every garden fence panel, which gives our customers an incredible selection to choose from. When we say, one to match almost every type of panel, the reason for this is that some of the gates will match or can be used for more than one type of panel or fencing type.

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We at Jacksons Fencing specialise in hand-built deluxe fencing, but what you may not know is that we match the quality throughout any and every part of the product range, we are every bit as proud of our gates, so we design and manufacture them with the utmost care and attention to detail.

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Picking strong garden gates that last

All fixings, nails, screws or bolts are always either galvanised or stainless steel. This makes perfect sense, as the Jakcured softwood that all our timber products are made from gives them a long and maintenance free life, you would not want the metal elements like screws, holding them together, to rust or disintegrate - you want them to last every bit as long as the wooden garden gate.

Sturdy diagonal and horizontal braces are added for extra strength on the rear side of the gates. These form a very strong support for the pales or cladding to be fixed to. Our pales and boards may look similar to many other fencing companies, but do not take it for granted, on the whole Jacksons’ are thicker and heavier, and are made from better quality kiln dried, pressure treated timber, so they will not only stay looking good, be stronger and they will last in excess of the 25 year guarantee, like all of our timber products.

Where the design calls for it, the gates are framed for even more strength. This may sound like over-engineering, but when you consider the amount of wear and tear a gate is subjected to compared to a stationary fence panel, they can be slammed shut, tugged open and even might get a bit of a kick shut, if someone’s hands are full, so it stands to reason they need to be able to withstand wear and tear!

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Choosing the Right Garden Gate Posts

Any successful gate project requires posts. For the gate to hang properly and give many years of service, the right gate posts must be used. Standard square section posts 75mm x 75mm can be used for smaller, lighter gates. For taller and slightly heavier garden gates it is recommended that 100mm x 100mm section should be used. You should follow the exact same guidelines when installing any posts, be it for a fence or a gate, dig a straight sided hole a minimum of 600mm deep with some gravel for drainage in the bottom and use postcrete to fill in and secure the post, once the post is in the correct position. For full instructions see our installation guide.

You may choose to attach a garden gate to a house or other type of wall, there is a method for this, it is to use a wall plate. In spite of the name a wall plate is in fact a length of timber that is fixed to a wall, which then allows you to fix the gate with hinges to the wall plate - simple when you know how.

If all this talk of garden gates has been helpful and you want to work out which gate you want, you can use our gate builder calculator, which will show you the complete gate range. It works in the same way as our fence builder calculator, helping you to work out all the materials you need, including additional fittings and gives you the price.