When to use heavy duty posts
Heavy Duty Jakposts are 120mm x 124mm nominal section, planed finish with two 54mm x 25mm slots for fence panels meaning they are extremely strong. Designed for a range of purposes, they are ideal for solid fencing panels over 1520mm high (5ft).

Often used in combination with taller panels (1.52m and above) and trellis toppers, railing toppers and/or to deal with stepping on slopes. The primary reason for this is the additional weight added to the overall system which is why we recommend a heavy duty post, the overall height may be above 2.00m which is also reason to install them.

Hill, slopes and high wind areas
If the fence is going to be steeply stepped up a hill, heavy duty posts are recommended. Unlike standard slotted posts, heavy duty post length options start at 2.7m long so can be dug deeper into the ground. Made from thicker sections of timber than standard posts means the post has a greater density level making it stronger overall and able to hold a lot more weight, which is why they are suited to hills, slopes or windy locations.


Did you know:
We select the best possible species of timber for our posts. Working in fashion allows us tighter control so we are able to ensure the post material has minimal heartwood material as this is the section of the timber that is much trickier to treat compared to the sapwood.


More environmentally welcoming than concrete
A heavy duty slotted wooden fence post will not rot if the timber has been Jackure® pressure treated and installed with adequate drainage. Unlike alternative dip treated timber posts, our heavy duty posts have been kiln dried to reduce the moisture content to and then pressure loaded with our unique preservative concentrate deep into the heartwood, which forms an insoluble compound providing permanent protection against rot and insect attack. Further adding to the overall strength of the post.

Heavy duty timber posts do not weigh as much as concrete posts so they are not as difficult to install. The average concrete fence post weighs in excess of 40kg. Typically a concrete post for a 1.8m high (6ft) fence is twice the safe weight for one person to lift. This weight differential can also save on transport costs especially if you are travelling from your local fencing yard back home.

Unlike concrete they do not suffer from frost damage or become cracked or chipped compared to concrete posts and the panel can also be screwed into the post, helping secure the panel and also stopping it from being lifted out.

We also have an in depth blog detailing the pros and cons for Timber vs Concrete Fence Posts.

More supportive than square section posts
Due to the slotted design our heavy duty posts can hold fence panels in place therefore making them a lot more supportive than square section posts which traditionally use clips to hold the panels against the posts. Failure of clips holding panels in place are one of the most common causes of fence failure which can often be caused through wind damage and weathering.