What is capping rail?

Pressure treated capping rail is designed to help protect the top side of the fence panel from high levels of water retention, further reducing its chance of rot whilst adding a tidy finishing touch. Capping rail is traditionally most often associated with Feather Edge fencing as it adds a framed finish to the panel, however it can be used on any fence panel with the exception of palisade.

The most popular type of capping rail is a standard flat style capping for panels using standard and slotted posts. This is planed timber with two rounded edges to allow rain to slowly drain away from the top of the panel, and is often used in residential settings such as gardens or light commercial premises. There are two versions of this capping rail, one for intermediate posts, and one for corner and end posts.

What fence capping sizes are there?

1. standard capping

The specifications for our standard capping rails are:

  • 1.88m (length) x 120mm (wide) x 20mm (depth)

Fence Capping Rail

The second capping rail is heavy duty, for use with heavy duty slotted posts. This is also known as 'wide fence capping'. Made from the same pressure treated timber these capping rails are exactly as the name suggests. There are two versions of this capping rail, one for intermediate posts, and one for corner and end posts.

Timber fence capping

2. heavy duty capping rail

The specifications for our heavy duty capping rails are:

  • 1.90m (length) x 145mm (wide) x 35mm (depth)

horizontal fence panels uk

3. weathered two way rail


The final style of capping for fence panels is the weathered two way rail. This is sawn timber with a triangular shaped top to allow the drainage of rain. This capping is used between posts on top of the fence panel; it is the exact width of a fence panel. Therefore there is only one version of this capping rail, as the type of post used will not affect the length needed. This capping rail is ideal when posts are higher than the fence panel to allow for the use of decorative post caps.

Note: this capping should not be used if you want a totally flat finish when the tops of the post finish in line with the top of the panel.


Two way weathered capping 667777

Please note: our capping rail is not designed or manufactured to be flexible so will not to bend slightly to fit arch shaped panels, for example.

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