Dear Jacksons
I thought you might be interested in showing these pictures on your customer projects slot on your web site.  I have a long association with your company having used your products for many years in my work as a builder. The quality of your timber, with the 25 year Jakcure guarantee is so consistent and never fails to impress me. So when I had rather an ambitious project to work on for my own home, I naturally chose the best!

When I installed the swimming pool, I chose a garden deck in favour of paving, as it's warm to walk on, less slippery when wet (especially when kept clean with regular brushing) and because the area around the pool was several different levels, it was the perfect solution.

The area between the house and the pool is divided off with your balustrade and I used your timber to make a pergola that runs the along the length of the house. The pergola cross members have attractive shaped ends, which is one of those typically “Jacksons” touches that I like. 
Swimming Pool Decking
I have fixed split bamboo screening (not yours!) on the top of the pergola to create a bit of shade, I mention this as it's a relatively cheap solution, that your customers might be interested in, and the bamboo seems to fit in really well with the decking and other timber used.

All in all, I'm really pleased with how it has turned out and so is my family.

Mark, Canterbury, Kent.