Should I Install Fencing Into My House Alleyway or Not?

This is a common question we receive at Jacksons Fencing.

In the beginning alleyways were designed to allow access for dustmen or rubbish collection, gardens were not always fenced and they were often highly visible. Today, they're used for access into the rear or side of  the property, for storage or just not used at all. This leaves valuable spaced unused and storage for odd garden items as rubbish is now collected from the front of the property in most cases.

alley way fencing

Although many homes across the UK still benefit from side alleys adjacent to the property they're often left unattended, seen as a redundant dead space. For us there’s no such thing as dead space - there’s only potential and a recent installation by our Approved Installer based in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, 1st Aid for Fencing demonstrates how you can employ fencing to improve the appeal and utilise  your side alley.

Furthermore in a recent study by the Office of National Statistics highlights up to 85% of burglars gain entry to homes via the rear or side of properties so it is important to ensure both the privacy of the home and the security are maintained via the alleyway.

Why Choose Alleyway Fencing and Gates?

The client wanted a privacy enhancing solution to separate their driveway from the neighbours while also adding a distinguishing feature to the front of the home. The answer was our frameless Canterbury Combi Panels. Our Canterbury Combi fence panels and garden gate designs are a hybrid of two popular products: Venetian and Tongue and Groove combined to create an elegant design. These solid fence panels provide the sleek modern feel of Venetian, but they have the added benefit of extra privacy and protection that some people may prefer, with the solid Tongue and Groove Effect fence boards on the lower part of the panel.

Install Fencing House Alleyway or Not

Why are Solid Fences Secure?

Our Canterbury Combi panels offer a strong solid timber facade, deterring burglars who would find it challenging to climb as it provides no foot. The fence is hand-crafted using timber board measuring 17mm in thickness and the panel is held together using two substantial horizontal rails with a frameless design; offering not only a secure proposition, but a modern and attractive barrier. They also offer a good standard of privacy with no gaps between the pales for people to see through into your property, keeping valuables out of sightIn addition, the panels are secured to the posts, stopping any potential burglar from lifting the panel and gaining entry.

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Securing the Alleyway

Enhancing the security and privacy of the home was a key criteria for the customer so they began researching the recommended ways to do this through installing fencing and gates. After consulting with the Approved Installer the client discovered Secured by Design. Secured by Design is an accredited police initiative where the primary aim is to raise awareness of garden security, highlighting the benefits and techniques that can be used to secure your garden effectively to help reduce the risk of crime. The initiative is committed to designing out crime through physical security and processes that reduce crime, enhance privacy and provide peice of mind to the local residential areas.

 secure fencing

After discussing the project in greater detail with the Approved Installer the client opted to install two side gates in total. Each  one at either end of the alleyway.

We would recommend any gates to be installed into alleyways should:

  • Be made to measure and of adequate dimensions to secure entrance and exit to the alley;
  • Be designed with your requirements in mind and fit the overall decor of your home;
  • Have gaps no wider than 100mm at any point;
  • Offer no climbing aids, protruding locks or cross struts that provide foot or hand holds;
  • Use pressure treated timber which is guaranteed for 25 years;
  • Be no more than 2 metres in height, otherwise planning permission will be required;


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