For this project the long driveway bordered the side of the property. As the house is close to the boundary important consideration was given to what panel  should be chosen. A completely solid fence panel would take valuable light away from the property.

By choosing Canterbury Combi, a semi solid hybrid fence panel made up of Horizontal Tongue and Groove Effect and Venetian, it offered plenty of benefits. With the help of Bourne To Garden our Approved Installer a secure driveway fence was installed.

before and after new garden fence

The solid Horizontal Tongue and Groove offered privacy and stopped anyone using the driveway being able to peer into the house. The top third of the fence panel has horizontal slats that make up the Venetian fence panel which  allow light to stream into the garden and house. The old fencing had trellis installed on top of the panel, the benefit of Canterbury Combi is that the trellis style topper is already built in. Having a weak and dilapidated fence can leave you vulnerable to opportunist burglars.

When there is access to the property on more than one side, a strong boundary fence can contribute to stopping your home being targeted and keep your belongings safe. The previous fence was falling apart and had easy access points into the property, some of which might have not even been noticed by the owner if disrupted. By having the semi open Venetian slats upon the top third of the fence panels it allows for supervision of the driveway to monitor any activity, while still maintaining privacy with the solid lower part of the panel.

The fencing has been installed with the rails on the inside therefore there are no hand or foot holds for an intruder to use to get over the fence. The previous fence was installed with concrete posts. Concrete posts offer many benefits but we always advise on timber posts for any fencing. Strong, just like concrete but with a greater number of benefits.  If security is a major concern for you, then choosing timber will allow you to screw the fence panels to the post, making them unable to be lifted out. If you did the same to concrete posts, they would most likely crack and damage and then be at risk to the elements, we have a blog on the discussing the topic in detail. Read more here.

long driveway fencing

To maintain a consistent height along the length of the boundary the fence panels were stepped. As the ground level rises the panels follow suit. This means along the entirety of the boundary there are no longer any weak spots or lower fence panels that could be exploited.

Another security technique that has been utilised is the gravel drive. Gravel drives are very noisy, therefore you will always know when they are in use. Pair this with a strong boundary fence, the likelihood of burglary dramatically decreases.

driveway fencing ideas