Not every fence post will be installed into the ground or soil. Sometimes, fencing will require installing on an existing hard surface such as concrete.

If laying a new foundation, fence posts can be planned into this foundation which makes installation easier and more similar to installing a fence post into soil.

If a fence is to be installed onto an existing hard surface, you will need a fence post foot to secure the panel and fix the structure to the ground. Before starting or considering installing a fence onto concrete or existing hard floor surface, consider the strength, depth, and integrity of the surface. Fencing can be very heavy and can be put under considerable force and strain during times of high winds or rain. The existing surface must be able to hold the fencing upright for years to come.

Fence Post Foot for installing fence on concrete slab

At Jacksons we manufacture our own fence post foot: Jakpost® Foot, which is compatible with our slotted Jakposts®. To use it, the fence post is cut to the required length, with the cut end at the opposite end to the ground and treated with Jakcure® cut treatment. It is then fixed to the fence post foot which is then secured to the ground. Six stainless screws (which are supplied with the fence post foot) secure the post centre to the galvanised foot. The foot is designed to fit neatly into the slots within the post and provides support to both sides of the post. This means that the fixing between the foot and post is extremely strong, and when the fence panels are installed into the slots, most of the bracket and fixings attached to the post are hidden.

fence post foot for concrete

Our Jakpost foot is designed to work with our standard intermediate posts. At the end of a run, an infill piece is used fill the post slot and hide the bracket.

The holes within the base of the Jakpost foot are 10mm to allow for M8 studding.

The depth of the fixing will be determined by the overall height of the fence and subsequent weight, but also the type of hard surface. Brick walls will differ from concrete. We recommend speaking to someone qualified for advice before starting this project.

We have created this product due to frequent requests and while it may save time and make installations easier, every site and application is unique and this product may not be suitable. We take no responsibility for the structure and integrity of the surface the posts are fixed to and the choice of suitable fixings. We cannot accept any responsibility for the strength or durability of the fixing method, or the surface or wall it is fixed to, due to external factors such as wind loads and weathering of the surface or wall, or damage by force from vehicles, intruders climbing, etc.

Metal Fence Posts with foot for attaching fencing to concrete

Our metal garden fence post Mi-T® is available with a prefabricated foot attached. We manufacture the foot with the post, therefore ensuring no weakness between the post and foot. It is available in standard galvanised finish (silver) or in anthracite grey to match our Mi-T® posts.

Mi-T® Post With Foot

how to attach a fence to concrete

Shoes or post sleeve for a Balustrade fence

If installing a small balustrade fence on to a hard surface or existing deck, we supply metal shoes for intermediate and corner posts. It is important that these are only used for balustrade fencing as they are not suitable for larger fences. Installation is similar to a fence post foot, where the fixing is fixed to the hard surface, and bolted into place. The balustrade or post is then fixed to the fence post shoe.

Corner and End Post Socket

Inter Post Socket