While there are many fencing options to choose from, our Hit and Miss fence panels aren't to be overlooked when it comes to creating a contemporary and modern garden design.

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A client of our Approved InstallerLaleham Landscapes created a beautiful garden design and wanted a modern panel to complement their concept.

As there are neighbours on both sides, the owners wanted a fence panel that gave them privacy but also left the garden feeling light and open. Our Horizontal Hit and Miss fence panels are part of our semi-solid fence panel range and are made using an alternating boards design. This way, only if you are low to the ground and look up through the panel  can you see a distorted view to the other side, but if you are in eye line to the panel you cannot see through.  Perfect for side by side gardens.

hit and miss panels create modern garden design

The best  part of the Hit and Miss fence panel is that it's the same on both sides, so both you and your neighbour get the good side of the fence. You can also change up the design by changing the panel from horizontal to vertical to give a different effect.

modern fence panels

To complete this whole garden, 20 panels of Horizontal Hit and Miss were installed using slotted posts  with additional capping rails to provide a high end finish.

The project was pretty straightforward for Laleham Landscapes, who are very experienced fence installers, but shortly after work began they discovered that upon removing the old fencing and replacing with the new, there was a second fence behind that. They took it down which meant the client regained an additional metre of space  which they never even knew they had.

outdoor kitchen with fence panels

The clients are overjoyed with the fence panels and were really happy with their choice as it gives the garden the look they wanted, plus they don't need to worry about replacing the fence anytime soon as they have a 25 year guarantee.