tensioned stainless steel wires

I used tensioned stainless steel wires in between the upright posts to allow the plants to climb. These are available to buy online.* The one I used was a surface mounted balustrade wire kit. It's great that it's made from stainless steel so no rusting, and it should last ages, just like your products.

Raised beds pergola screen

I think it finished the pergola off really well and they are a more discreet finish than wooden trellis panels. We've planted one Wisteria in each planter and then filled each one with 2 different varieties of Clematis.

Really can't wait until we get the green screen we're hoping for.

Your products are lovely and of such good quality - we're really pleased with the overall look.

Please let me know what you think!

Kind regards

Nick Arrowsmith

Raised bed

An established customer of Jacksons, Nick sent these photos through, so we could see what good use he has put our raised beds with a single pergola to. I think it is a brilliant idea, and must admit it had not occurred to me to use these in this particular way.

You can see from the images that the two raised beds form the base for the single pergola above.  By using tensioned wire as supports for the Clematis and Wisteria, he has planted in the raised beds, he will eventually end up with a totally green screen, which will enhance the privacy for the dining area he has created in this part of his garden.

pergola top

Well it gets the thumbs up from me Nick, thanks very much for sending those through and sharing your idea with us - Louise

*Balustrade surface mounted wire kits