Garden zoning is more than just dividing your garden into sections; it's a strategic approach to maximise efficiency, utilise every inch of space, and create harmony within your outdoor space. By carefully planning and organising your garden into distinct zones, you can optimise sunlight, ground conditions, and functionality.

garden zones

Creative Gardens and Driveways, who are no stranger to producing outstanding garden renovations that often include our timber products, recently had airtime and coverage in Pro Landscaper magazine. The features got us thinking of summer and all the new garden renovations we want to be a part of.

The goal of this project was to give the homeowners an outside space that would encourage them and their guests to take full advantage of the garden. The previous garden was overgrown, dark, and in some places, a little dangerous thanks to a rotting deck. Specific garden zones were created to form functional areas with different purposes to provide an extension to the family’s living space.

garden design with slatted fencing

The garden covered a steep gradient from the house to the lower sections of grass and planting. It was integral to create a flow from the house into the garden while also creating usable spaces. By utilising the gradient, the design used different levels to create separate spaces or zones within the garden. The gradient became manageable and there wasn’t a huge amount of soil that needed to be removed or brought in. The newly refurbished interior also set the tone for a new contemporary feel within the garden.

Creative Gardens and Driveways wanted to maximise every ray of sunlight, as that is what often drives us to be outside and enjoy our gardens. To do this, three seating areas were created, which fortunately this garden allowed due to its size, in different areas of the garden to follow the sun throughout the day.

garden zoning

Our Venetian fence panels also aided in maximising sunlight with their semi-solid design that allows light and air to flow through. The gap between each pale is 45mm, creating the perfect screening panel. The horizontal pales which are planed to create a smooth surface create lines within the garden that help to elongate the space. Choosing planed timber near seating areas or places where people will be up close and personal is recommended not just for appearance but also for touch and texture and minimising the risk of splinters. The panels help to create a contemporary backdrop to the seating and BBQ areas while still providing an open feel.

slatted fencing for light

Down lights have been used to great effect, attached to the fencing to provide ambient light during the evenings and nights. Installing lights within the garden which don’t just come from the house, keeps all areas usable as the natural light starts to fade.

garden design zones

A matching Venetian Garden Gate was also installed to provide access between the front and rear garden. Side gates are important for security but to also keep privacy high from any onlookers from the front of the garden.

The garden gained special attention from the small screen featuring on ITV’s Love Your Garden where it provided inspiration for a project that the show was undertaking in Burnley. Alan Titchmarsh and his team selected this garden for its demonstration of modern outdoor living which included zoned areas designated for cooking, dining, lounging and relaxing.

love your garden inspiration garden

David Hadley, Garden Designer and Landscaper states “This garden appealed to the Love Your Garden team as it showcases so many ways to maximise outdoor living space, whether that’s enjoying a quiet drink in the evenings, entertaining friends or relaxing and playing as a family.”

Our panels are often chosen by garden designers and have featured in a number of Love Your Garden projects to suit a range of garden designs. We always welcome our inclusion in these projects, not only to give back to the families in which the garden is designed to help, but also to show viewers the versatility of our different fence panels as the backdrop to some amazing gardens.