The requirement: A garden transformation aimed at creating a contemporary open space that not only reflected the client's style with exotic plants and colours, but was also low maintenance. It was crucial to the client that high-quality materials that would last a long time were used, to ensure the garden was as sustainable as possible.

A notable example of a fantastically inspiring transformation project where a dark and dated space is mostly unrecognisable after its re-design.

garden transformation

The garden was in an extremely poor state, dark and unkempt with minimal usable space. Uninspiring to say the least, with a fence that had begun to fall into next door’s garden, and drainage issues that needed to be rectified; it would take a lot of work to achieve the exotic garden transformation the customer dreamed of.

tongue and groove garden transformation

The most pressing point of concern was to replace the fencing along the side boundary. For this, our contemporary Horizontal Tongue and Groove fence panels were installed with the rest of the garden renovation following shortly after to suit.

Garden transformation using Tongue and Groove fence panels

The customer chose our Horizontal Tongue and Grove fence panels, after visiting our display in Kent, to replace the very worn original lap panel fencing and trellis.

With a contemporary aesthetic, Tongue and Groove Effect fence panels complement modern designs, providing maximum levels of privacy. The panel is fully framed with morticed and tenoned joints, meaning each side is connected together. This provides the panel with extra strength. The panel is made using stainless steel fixings - like all our fence panels - which ensures longevity.

All our fence panels are 1.83m wide as standard; if the boundary does not divide equally with fence posts included, you may need to reduce the width of a fence panel. Panels can be cut down on site using one of our cut down kits. Ensure to treat any cut ends with our Jakcure® cut and treat on any cut timber to abide by our 25-year Jakcure guarantee.

exotic garden transformation using tongue and groove

The new fence panels add a lot of privacy and provide a neat uniform finish, which the previous fence didn’t offer.

For this project, Horizontal Tongue and Groove Effect panels were a perfect choice for this customer and ticked all their boxes. Our tongue and groove panels also come in convex and vertical configurations to match a variety of different garden designs and styles. Explore our tongue and groove effect range.

The fencing was finished off with chamfered post caps which are in keeping with the sleek and contemporary look.

Exotic garden transformation

One of the main issues the garden had and the landscaper had to face was a drainage issue. To help solve the drainage issue, raised beds and planters were created, as well as an open elevated lawn area separate from the new patio space, to create a larger surface area for rainwater. The lawn and borders full of plants would help to take large amounts of rainwater in rather than sit on top of an impermeable surface. In addition, a new channel drainage system was installed along the tiled patio to give the rainwater somewhere to go.

Raised beds are a popular way to manage drainage in clogged and slow-draining gardens, as they are usually filled with a different soil type to the majority of the garden. This soil or compost is usually very plant friendly meaning it will drain water easily.

exotic garden transformation

Raised beds also offer the client less maintenance as they are self-contained, reduce the number of weeds, and are much easier to tend. Garden beds promote healthy growth as the soil warms earlier in the season and stays warmer for longer.

With the new raised beds installed, various plants and shrubs with bold vibrant leaves and a few decorative acers were planted to create colourful and vibrant borders. The borders have become beautiful focal points that will transform as the seasons change. Choosing timber fence panels adds contrast to the existing brick wall, complemented with smooth, light-coloured paving.

Some of the original trellis was kept on the brick wall to add a decorative touch and allow new plants to climb and cover a portion of the wall. The garden also featured a large, paved area with beautiful light-coloured tiles. Using light tiles keeps the garden feeling bright and helps to reflect the sun onto other areas of the garden.

The client was more than thrilled with the garden commenting “I'm overjoyed with the final results! The garden backs onto a doctor’s surgery car park and the amount of complimentary comments we have received on the fencing and landscaping was amazing.”

Jacksons 25-year guarantee

The Jacksons industry leading 25-year guarantee covers all forms of rot and insect attack, and many of our products have proven to outlast these 25 years such as Jacksons fence posts have lasted 38 years at Surrey vineyard.

As our products are pressure treated with our unique Jakcure process they are virtually maintenance free and do not require any further treatment or painting over their life span.

Include hedgehog friendly gravel boards in your garden renovation to help your local wildlife. Hedgehog friendly gravel boards aid hedgehogs in the search for food, habitat and mates, find out more about our hedgehog friendly gravel board.

Horizontal Tongue and Groove fence panels

Chamfered post caps