A new modern home extension didn’t end inside the house; the contemporary style continued out into the newly renovated garden.

Chilham panels outside new extensionWork commenced on the two-storey semi-detached 1940s property in September 2016 and was completed in May 2017. The house needed a bit of updating and more space adding. A new high spec kitchen was added with large sliding doors which opened to the garden. This ‘outside-in’ feel was aided by the patio seamlessly flowing on from the kitchen tiles. This design technique meant the garden had to match the contemporary style and high-end nature of the house renovation.

Once the house was complete, the garden renovation started.

The garden was lacklustre with no style or functionality. With neighbours on all three sides privacy was a large concern. Views from the kitchen put emphasis on the fence panels and the choice of panel had to be one that looked good.

Below is a photo of the garden before the renovation.

Garden before extension and new panels

The garden was tiered to create functional space throughout the garden. The area closest to the house was flattened to the same level to create what looks like one big open space, extending the living space of the family home with a smart patio area.

A retaining wall was built to frame the lower level of the garden and then our double sided Chilham fence panels were installed on top. The wall was painted in a contemporary grey to match the house exterior and floor tiles.

 Chilham panels compliments new extension
To keep a consistent height all the way along the boundary, a mixture of panel heights was used in different locations. Shorter Chilham panels were used closest to the house on top of the retaining wall, and as the ground elevation starts to match with the neighbouring gardens, full 6ft high (1.83m) panels were used.

Chilham panels and garden gate

Stepping fence panels is an effective way to keep a consistent boundary height and keeps the fence line looking smart. If you have a sloping garden, read our blog on ways to fence it.

Chilham panels in garden

Please note, gravel boards must be used to qualify for our 25 year guarantee when the panel is in contact with the ground. In this case, gravel boards have not been used where the panel is sitting on the retaining wall. Please be careful when using this method and ensure that the neighbours do not have soil or dirt piled up on their side which will come into contact with the panel.

Chilham is a great panel to use for shared boundaries as it is double sided, meaning both sides have the same design with no visible rails.

Panels with rails should always be installed with the rails facing towards your property for security reasons as they can be used as a ladder to gain entry into your property. By opting for a double-sided fence panel, you can appreciate and get the full effect of your new fence panels, and you also keep the neighbour happy.Chilham panels

To ensure the garden was functional the ground was levelled and then tiered, so each section became a space of its own.

Overall, the home and garden renovation have been a complete success and added to the family living and entertaining space.

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