Many people start off planning their garden with a vision of how they would like it to look. At Jacksons we like to be able to help bring your ideas to life and create your ideal garden, or in this case, the dream driveway.

Custom wooden driveway gates bring ideal garden design to life

For this project, Landscape Artisan ordered a bespoke Cathedral courtyard gate. If you have seen our standard courtyard gates you'll know the design combines tongue and groove style timber boards and steel to create a striking driveway gate. For some, the marriage between timber and steel isn't for them or the look doesn't quite fit into their garden design.

Loving the shape and style of the gate and knowing the benefits of the 25 year guarantee, the solution was to create a bespoke design; replacing the steel bars with timber. This gives the gate a completely different look that suits the feel of the space. To  continue the use of timber throughout the gate, the heavy duty galvanised steel posts supporting the gate were timber clad, to conceal the  steel beneath.

driveway gate

The gate has a gentle downward curve that offers an elegant concave shape when closed, giving the gate its unique, modern appearance. This downward curve is mirrored in the fence along the property line. By using Traditional Featherboard, the Approved Installer could customise the pales of the fence to create a gentle curvature moving away from the gate. Traditional Featherboard is supplied in kit form and installed on site. The benefit of using a kit form type fence is that an Approved Installer can cut down individual pales, opening up options to create a fence to suit changing ground levels or in this case, mirror the curve of the gate, whereas with a panel option is this is not an option.

driveway ideas

The decision was made to automate the gate. Automated gates allow for easy access into or out of the property, and are also a lot quicker than manually having to get out of the car to open and close the gate. With automation, how you gain entry can vary and you can choose from a range of operating methods. Most commonly in residential areas, a key fob is chosen to control access remotely.  Additionally, an intercom is fitted on the outside of the gate for visitors to use and communicate with you in the house. Other options include, keypads or swipe cards. Automated gates offer increased security and therefore make your property look less appealing to opportunistic burglars.

timber clad gate posts

To finish the driveway, lattice trellis panels were installed to the rear, marking the end of the driveway and the start of the garden. Positioned to also indicate the drop in ground level, the trellis panels also prevent any accidental injuries from mistaking the step down.

lattice trellis on driveway

Lattice trellis panels offer the most privacy of all our trellis range as the battens are closely crossed forming small squares, distorting the eye looking through the panel. For this reason they are often chosen for garden screens in open gardens to create a secluded spot.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help to create your dream courtyard gate, please fill in our enquiry form here