5 Benefits of using Trellis with Fencing

Trellis is a versatile fence panel; manufactured in a range of styles, the benefits for using trellis with fencing are vast. 

We manufacture five different types of trellis: Square, Premier Square, Lattice, Diamond and Tartan. All have distinct designs that can be used as standalone structures, or paired with our range of premium fence panels to create beautiful fencing combinations. 

What are the benefits of using Trellis with fencing? 

This blog is aimed to help you understand what the benefits of using trellis with fencing are, and hopefully inspire you to take advantage. 

Here, we look at the ways it can be combined with fencing for a fresh take on garden boundaries.

trellis gives privacy

1. Have privacy and keep the garden feeling open

By using trellis with fence panels, you can take advantage of two types of fencing. Solid fence panels, which we'd recommend installing below the trellis, will offer high levels of privacy and allow you to use your outdoor space without the neighbours peering in. Adding trellis on top will open the sides of your garden and keep light and air flowing through.


stelling minnis trellis

2. Take advantage of sunlight 

As we all know, living in the UK can sometimes not be the sunniest, so taking advantage of every ray of sunshine we get is a must. Using trellis with fencing maximises the amount of sunlight in the garden whilst still maintaining privacy with the fence panel below it.  

18 Premier square Trellis

3. Plants love trellis 

Trellis will support and love your plants, providing it with a great place to grow. The sunlight allowed to pass through the apertures in the trellis will be beneficial for those plants on the ground. 

 trellis topper with vertical tongue and groove

4. Decorative touch  

Trellis is a very decorative fence panel and therefore using trellis will help to enhance the look of our fencing. Combine trellis with different fence panels to create unique fencing that will impress.

Arched trellis topper

5. Add security with trellis  

Adding trellis onto fencing will add extra height, increasing the security of your home, but it will also allow you to see anyone on the other side. People acting suspiciously or crouching down behind the fence will arise suspicion and you could be alerted to the potential threat before it becomes an actual threat.