Jacksons Fencing, the UK’s biggest fencing and gate manufacturer, has launched a new hedgehog friendly gravel board.

A gravel board is the protective barrier between the ground and your fence. The newly designed Jacksons hedgehog gravel board is the same as a normal gravel board in every way but has a hole at one end, large enough to allow hedgehogs to pass from garden to garden.

With the hedgehog population dropping a third in the last decade, this product will give hedgehogs the opportunity to roam freely between gardens at night, crucial for their survival as this enables them to forage for food and find mates in order to breed.

Designed with a reinforcing strip along the top of the board to ensure it isn’t weakened by the hole and for use with all Jacksons fence panels and slotted fence posts (Jakposts)

Jacksons Director, Andy Tune, commented: “When the issue of preserving the hedgehog population was brought to our attention, we understood the problem solid walls and fences could pose to hedgehogs.  This new product offers our customers the opportunity to allow hedgehogs to safely travel through their gardens without compromising the integrity of the fence.

Watch the hedgehog gravel board in action:

The hedgehog fence gravel board comes with the Jacksons Jakcure 25 year guarantee.

The Lord Whisky Sanctuary in Kent adopts injured and orphaned hedgehogs and runs a spring rehabilitation programme. Jacksons would like to thank them for the help in capturing photos of hedgehogs using the gravel board.

Hedgehogs now appear to be declining in the UK at the same rate as tigers are globally – at around 5% a year, both in rural and urban habitats. Fact taken from www.hedgehogstreet.org