Approved Installer Guarantee Registration and Questionnaire

Thank you for purchasing Jacksons products, we hope you are delighted both with its quality and the service provided by our Approved Installer.

This Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire & 25 Year Guarantee Registration form, is for use by customers that have Jacksons products installed, or supplied and installed, by a Jacksons Approved Installer. If you would like to register your Jacksons product for the guarantee but didn't use an Approved Installer, please click here

Completion and return of this form registers your purchase and validates your Jakcure 25 year guarantee against wood boring pests and all forms of rot.  It also helps us maintain the high standards that you expect from Jacksons and to identify ways to improve our products and services to you, please complete the following questionnaire to let us know about your experience with our Approved Installer and with your Jacksons products.

We look forward to being of service again in the future.