H Fence Posts

H fence posts is an alternative name for a slotted fence post. The shape of the fence post, as the name suggests is similar to the letter H for the top view. Panels are slotted into either side of the fence post and fixed into place.

Jacksons Fencing manufacture premium quality timber H fence posts that have been vacuum pressure treated with our unique Jakcure® timber treatment and guaranteed for 25 years. In ground timber needs to be properly protected for ground contact so we recommend choosing a quality timber that has the right standards of treatment.

Our H-posts are available in standard 100mm x100mm and heavy-duty 120mm x 124mm variations.

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Slotted H Posts

Heavy Duty H Fence Posts

Heavy duty H posts 120mm x 124mm are available in various heights to suit different applications. Opt for heavy duty h posts if installing fencing above 2 metres, in an area prone to high winds, steep and uneven ground or soft ground.

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Slotted Fence Posts

H Fence Post

Our standard 100mm x 100mm slotted H fence posts are available in various heights to suit different applications. Opt for our standard h posts for most applications.

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Advantages of Our Wooden Slotted H Posts

Guaranteed Durability: Our 'H' posts are crafted from Jakcure® treated timber, ensuring exceptional longevity. We confidently stand behind our product with a 25-year guarantee.

Secure Panel Installation: The design of our 'H' posts allows for easy screwing of panels directly into the post.

This feature offers several benefits:

1. Enhanced Security: Panels securely affixed to the post deter unauthorised removal, bolstering security measures.

2. Elimination of Rattles: Unlike concrete posts, where panels can't be attached directly, our 'H' posts prevent annoying rattles in windy conditions.

3. Resistance to Forces: By securely attaching panels to the posts, the fencing system gains overall stability, particularly advantageous in areas prone to strong winds.

Investing in our wooden slotted H posts not only ensures longevity but also provides added security and stability to your fencing system.