H Fence Posts

A 'H' fence post is an alternative name for a slotted fence post or as Jacksons call it, a Jakpost. The reason slotted fence posts are sometimes referred to as H fence posts is because they resemble the letter 'H' when observed from a plan view, this can been seen in the image.

Using a letter like this in fence post name also works for slotted corner posts, as these look like the letter 'L' from above

Jacksons manufacture two types of H fence post: a standard slotted post; and a heavy-duty slotted post. Standard H posts are suitable for most fence installations, however; sometimes heavy-duty posts are required. Heavy-duty H posts would be required if the installed fence is above two metres high; exposed to strong winds; situated on a steep hill; or to be erected on soft ground or marshland.

Heavy Duty H FENCe Posts

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H Fence Post


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