Make the most of your garden this winter

Explore ways to prepare, use and protect your garden this winter

Get Set For Winter


Late summer, early autumn is the perfect time to start preparing your garden for winter. 

Venetian Panels within garden
5 Tips for preparing your fence for winter

5 tips to being prepared and ensuring your fence lasts the winter season

Leaf Litter
Garden jobs for October

Essential garden jobs that need to be carried out to keep things shipshape and ready for the burst of activity next spring!

Don't let winter get the best of you


Vulnerable garden items that need to be protected against the winter winds.

Protect against the winter storms

Read our garden advice on how to stand up to the winter storms. This page is designed to help you choose the right fence panel, offer handy tips and has useful blogs to stop fencing being damaged by a storm.

outside bin store
Protect your bins

Wind and bins do not go together; protect your bins from ending up half way up your street or in your neighbour’s garden by giving them a place to stay.

Bin Stores
Easily forgotten must do jobs for the garden

Don't Forget


Decking balustrade
Maintain your decking

During the colder months decking can be susceptible to moss and lichen growth which both pose as slipping hazards. Make sure you remove any before the wet weather sets in.

Hedgehogs fencing
Don't forget wildlife

A bleak winter is bad news for UK wildlife – a harsh winter means limited access to adequate food. It's important to try and help the wildlife as much as possible.