2.1m Double Pergola


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2.1m Double Pergola Bay

  • Double Pergolas can be used to make feature areas for sunbathing or relaxing giving summer shade, made all the more inviting when combined with climbing plants.
  • Jakcured and guaranteed for 25 years







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Making features of paths, walkways and even flights of steps in the garden is another favourite use for a double garden pergola. An added bonus is that if scented climbing plants are twined through the structure it will make your stroll even more pleasant.

Please note: The internal width between the pergola posts for installation purposes is 2135mm. The standard length of all bays is 1.83m as measured between the posts, this allows for all of our standard wooden fencing panels to be used in conjunction with our pergola systems. You can therefore increase the length of the pergola in multiples of 1.83m. The cross members overhang the structure by 200mm. We recommend that the pergola is installed so that the underside of the side rails are 2.0m above ground.

When using fixings/nails to join two timber parts we recommend drilling a hole in the first part to insert the nail through, this enables the nail to be driven easily into the other part of the structure.

Note: We recommend using 75mm nails (800210 - 1kg 145 per Kg) for the majority of the construction but you should use 100mm nails (800310 - 1kg 79 per Kg) for the in line braces.

The table below explains the codes needed to purchase the double style of pergola and which bays to order for configurations from 1 to 5 bay examples.

  Double Pergola    
1 Bay only PDSB2.1 Single Bay  
2 Bays PDFB2.1 First Bay  
  PDEB2.1 End Bay  
3 Bays PDFB2.1 First Bay  
  PDAB2.1 x1 Additional Bay  
  PDEB2.1 End Bay  
4 Bays PDFB2.1 First Bay  
  PDAB2.1 x2 Additional Bays  
  PDEB2.1 End Bay  
5 Bays PDFB2.1 First Bay  
  PDAB2.1 x3 Additional Bays  
  PDEB2.1 End Bay  


It is important to download the Installation instructions for full details see link below:

Download Installation Instructions

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Buying multiple products?
Just update the quantities of each item you wish to buy and click 'Add all to basket'

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