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Driveway Gates

Driveway Gates

Jacksons Fencing manufactures a large range of the highest quality timber and metal driveway gates.  No matter what the surroundings or the driveway width, Jacksons will be able to supply a gate to suit your driveway or entrance. 

Metal Driveway Gates

Metal Driveway gates can give a grand statement to any driveway or property.  Ornamental Driveway Gate

Ornamental steel gates are the most popular style of all metal residential driveway gates.  An attractive but traditional gate that will fit in at the approach to any kind of property.  These driveway gates do not only look good but are a great way of making a property more secure without being intimidating.  Ornamental Gates have different design options including arched or level tops and decorative rings or finials in between the pales.

 Driveway Railing

If it’s a smaller Driveway or entrance then pairs of either our Stelling or Postling gates can be a good option to seclude driveways or off street parking.

 Bowtop Metal Driveway gate


Another Option for a small driveway or off street parking are Metal Tubular Bowtop Gates.





Wooden Driveway Gates

Wooden or Timber Driveway Gates have many different styles and options.  Driveway Gate

Depending on the purpose of the gate will influence the type of driveway gate required.  If security and privacy are two key principles of the gate then a courtyard gate is the option.  Courtyard gates will stop any passerby from peering down a driveway and at the same time not take anything away from the drive or entrance.

Courtyard gates come in standard styles and are also available in some very popular unique variations. 

Our Standard gates are the Rye Level top gate, the Hythe withSandwich Driveway Gate its gentle upwards curved top and the Sandwich, with a slight downwards curve on the gate leaves.  The alternative variations are the Railing Panel and the Cathedral Style Courtyard / Driveway gates that combine metal and wood to great effect.

Timber sliding gates are very similar to our top quality courtyard driveway gates but as their name states they slide to open.  Supplied as manual opening but for large gates we recommend automation.  Two options are available, Cantilevered (gates without a track) or gates with a track.

If privacy is not so much of an issue but security and access are important factors then either a traditional entrance gate or a uni gate are the options.

Traditional entrance gates can look impressive with their customary curved hanging stile.   Two gates together across a driveway will always look good due to the symmetrical crook of each gate leaf.  

If the traditional style gate is not the option then Uni gates are next.

Uni Driveway GateUni gates, often used as entrance gates are also commonly used as field or farm gates.  The name Uni Gate actually comes from the fact that they can be hung as right or left handed, hence they are "universal".  Even though these are commonly used as agricultural gates, Uni gates can still give a property that modern approach.



    All our gates can be automated.  Information on Gate Automation can be found by clicking on the link.


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    Gate Automation

    We can automate any of the types of gate we produce

    Automated GateMore on Automation

    Gate Fittings

    A range of fittings and accessories for use in conjunction with our Traditional Entrance & Uni-Gates

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