25 year Jakcure Guarantee

Jakcure® treated timber is guaranteed for 25 years from the date of purchase and installation in line with our installation documents where available (see website for details) against failure, as a result of rot or insect attack which renders the timber unfit for its purpose. Any Jakcure® treated product, unless specifically excluded, so damaged within 25 years of purchase will be replaced free of charge.

To qualify:
  1. An online guarantee registration form must be completed for each Order Acknowledgment or Invoice Number.
  2. Gravel boards must be used wherever the fence is in direct contact with the ground or likely to become so over time.
  3. When timber is cross cut or drilled on site, it must be treated immediately with Jakcure® Cut Treatment.
  4. Timber sections used in-ground should not be cut, drilled, notched or planed after factory Jakcure treatment.
  5. Any timber subject to a claim must be returned for inspection supported by evidence of the date of purchase e.g. original Order Acknowledgment or Invoice from Jacksons Fencing or Jacksons Approved Installer
  6. The guarantee is limited to the cost of the product. It does not cover any associated costs, including but not limited to, removal of the defective product, disposal of the defective product, installation of the replacement product and any associated labour cost
  7. Failure of the timber by any cause other than rot or insect attack is not covered.
  8. Timber used in abnormal conditions is excluded, e.g next to rotten timber, buried in ground when not designed to be or prolonged exposure to salt water or other corrosive environments.
  9. Timber used for other purpose than its designed usage is excluded. Note, the Jakcure® treated products designed for use inground are Posts (all variants), Gravel Boards, Containing Boards, Jakwall, Sleepers and Gate Stops.
  10. The Jacksons 25-year Jakcure® Guarantee applies to purchases made in the UK on products for use within the UK only..

The Jacksons 25-year Jakcure® Guarantee is offered in addition to your statutory rights. See pages 4 - 5 of our Good Fencing Guide brochure for more details on the Jakcure® treatment process.  T's and C's also found in the Good Fencing Guide (JF / MKT / GFG / 0324 / V7 NP)