This means that the forest where the timber was sourced from has been checked to ensure its forest management system complies with agreed principles and reaches a recognised standard. In addition, the operators involved in the timber supply chain must be able to offer an unbroken and traceable path that products take from the forest through to the end product when it reaches the consumer. Also known as a chain of custody scheme. Jacksons Fencing has achieved certification under both the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and the PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Scheme) and virtually all of the company’s timber products are offered certified under one of these schemes.

Carbon Neutral Footprint

Humanity’s impact on the earth is becoming increasingly more concerning. For those who believe a timber fence has a negative impact in terms of the carbon footprint involved, may only be considering timber sourced unsustainably. As long as the timber is sourced under an environmental chain of custody chain, such as the one discussed above, the effect on the environment is carbon neutral taking into consideration the timber product offers a life span which lasts longer than it takes to grow a tree.  Jacksons’ timber is guaranteed for 25 years as a result of the unique Jakcure® timber treatment system, so our products offering a life span longer than it takes to grow a tree again is certainly the case.

Carbon footprint calculations should not only be based on the pressures associated with growing and felling the timber. CO2 emissions linked to the milling process and land / sea transport should also be included in the overall carbon consumption figures but even taking these into consideration, a Jacksons fence still boasts a better than carbon neutral status.



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