Wire Mesh & Netting

Wire Mesh fencing covers a vast range of mesh fencing products from light agricultural and farm wire mesh, wire stock fencing / netting to commercial welded mesh fencing and strong and versatile mesh security fencing.

Mesh Fencing is a very popular type of fencing with obvious benefits: it lets light and wind through, and also allows good visibility for people to keep an eye on their property and any agricultural / residential projects involving flowers or animals. Being able to see through the fence works very well from a security point of view too; mesh or wire fence doesn't provide a barrier that potential thieves or intruders to hide behind.

Below is a list of some of our most popular types of Wire Mesh Fencing for Commercial, residential and agricultural applications. For more information on the product, click on the image and you will be directed to the webpage that is appropriate for the style of Mesh Fencing you are interested in.

Depending on the type of wire mesh fencing in question there are many different tools available to help make installing mesh fencing that little easier, from mesh clip tools to professional wire cutters. All Tools can be found on our tools of the trade page. Staples and other accessories can also be found in the same section of the website or on our Chain Link Accessories page.

Roll Welded Mesh

Quick and efficient method of improving security.

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Chain Link Mesh Fencing

Smaller holes in mesh to stop horses feet becoming caught in wire and causing injuries.

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Wire Netting

Can be used to keep a variety of animals safe and protected.

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Euroguard Regular V Mesh Fencing

EuroGuard Regular Welded Mesh Panels

EuroGuard Regular is a rigid wire mesh panel and post system which provides high visibility and can used to protect properties with the need for extra security, and can be used to keep pets in a safe and secure enclosure.

EuroGuard Regular
Welded mesh panels

Wire mesh security fencing for commercial properties

Visit Jacksons Security for our full range of welded mesh security fencing for all commercial applications and other sectors.

Wire Mesh Security Fencing