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The Treated Timber Process

Jacksons 25 year Jakcure® Guarantee

The Jakcure timber treatment Process is the ultimate modern softwood preservation. Untreated woods have always been susceptible toTimber Treatment Plant rot and insect attack.The traditional remedy of brushing or dipping in creosote or other preservative, only treats the surface, needs repeating frequently and cannot reach the parts underground. The answer is Jakcure. This is the preservative process unique to Jacksons that penetrates really deep through the outer sap wood and into the heart wood.

How the Jakcure process works

First, all softwood is tested for moisture content - because excess moisture prevents absorption of the preservative. All timber with more than 30% moisture content is kiln dried. This drying process is essential to ensure deep penetration - the unique benefit of Jakcure. Then the preservative is forced by vacuum/pressure through the outside sap wood deep into the heart wood, where it forms an insoluble compound giving permanent protection against rot and insect attack. At least 50% more preservative is pumped into the timber than is required by British and European standards.

Treated Fencing and Material

The greater the loading of preservative, the greater the protection and a guaranteed longer life.

Jakcure will not soil hands or clothing and is harmless to man, animal and plant life. It is non-inflammable and non-corrosive. Has no unpleasant odour. Does not reduce the strength or make timber brittle. Jakcure exceeds the requirements of BS EN 599-1 and BS 8417 by 50%. Gives lasting protection above and below ground, against all woodboring pests and all forms of wet and dry rot.

The lowest lifetime cost

The Jakcure process adds 15% to our costs, so Jakcured fencing will cost you marginally more than other fencing, but it will last many times longer, so when you use Jacksons Jakcured timber products, they are guaranteed for 25 years, which means you only need to buy them once and erect them once. That’s real economy, or environmentally the best fencing you can buy!Timber treatment testing

See the difference - the effect of timber drying on treatment penetration

Eight raw timber posts are selected as samples.

Timber is a natural material and takes up water as it grows. So when it arrives from the sawmill it will be very wet, sometimes with a moisture content in excess of 100% of the weight of the dry wood.

The eight samples are then split into two: Samples ‘A’ and ‘B’


Kiln dried timber Sample ‘A’ is then kiln dried to below 28% moisture content

Trellis Fencing Sample ‘B’ is left as it is





 After Timber Treatment

Both samples ‘A’ and ‘B’ are then vacuum pressure treated.
After treatment samples ‘A’ and ‘B’ are cross cut at more than 300mm from the ends to see the actual penetration level. Please note both samples superficially look the same on the outside. However if you look at the cut ends you can see that the treatment has penetrated much deeper on sample ‘A’ compared to sample ‘B’ that was not kiln dried. 




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