This year, we have been granted twenty extra days to prepare for the Easter weekend, which falls from 19th-22nd April. Being later in spring season should hopefully mean it’s a little warmer too. Those anticipated days off work provide a welcome break to enjoy with family and friends in the garden, so you want your outdoor space to look its finest.

We’ve come up with our top tips and must do garden jobs to help you prepare for Easter.

Before you begin, do you have the tools you need? It’s time to raid the garden shed and have a check through all your garden tools. If some are missing then it would be wise to take a trip to your nearest garden centre to stock up on essential gardening equipment. We recommend all homeowners to have these necessary hardware items:

1. Gardening Gloves
2. Wheelbarrow
3. Digging Spade
4. Garden Trowel
5. Garden Fork
6. Garden Knife
7. Garden Secateurs
8. Garden Hoe
9. Lawn & Leaf Rake
10. Flexible Trug

Winter can really take its toll on the appearance of your outdoor space; the unpredictable weather makes gardening in the winter both risky and unenjoyable. As a result, homeowners tend to lose control of their gardens with autumn leaves covering the ground, excess mud from the wet weather, whilst grass, weeds and hedges begin to grow unhampered. When Easter approaches, people often venture back out into the garden, met by a mess to clear up before being able to relax. This may seem a dreaded and daunting task, so this is how we recommend you get started:

Spring clean

Just like you would your house, give your garden a little tidy. Start by sweeping the patio and decking and bag up leaves, moving to one side, ready to make mulch or compost. Mow the lawn, remove weeds and trim the bushes. Once these initial jobs have been completed, you can move onto other tasks to improve the aesthetics of your garden space, such as cleaning the patio or garden furniture. You’ll be surprised at what a difference these simple steps can make!

hedge cutting

Check that your garden furniture is safe

A rotten fence or decking can be difficult to spot from afar until it’s too late. One couple had to replace their decking as it had rotten so badly, that when the Approved Installer came to replace it, he fell completely through it. Your decking structure may be secure, but it’s also essential to clean off moss and algae from the decking boards so that they’re not slippery.

garden furniture

Garden improvements

Now you’ve removed all the unwanted weeds, spring is a great time to plant new flowers and plants to really brighten up your borders and give your garden that extra enchanting appeal. For an even more eye-catching element, why not consider adding a garden screen or flower wall using trellis, or even a water feature to add style to your garden space?

Trellis screen

Encourage wildlife into your garden

There is nothing more relaxing than lying in your garden in the hot summer sun, listening to the beautiful sounds of the birds and other British wildlife. Therefore, make an effort to encourage their appearance into your yard as often as possible by adding extra features, such as a bird bath or refillable feeders. This is also a great way to contribute to maintaining the health and prosperity of the local wildlife in your area. When possible, why not try recycling old plastic bottles and other household waste to make your own birdfeeders.

bird feeding

New fencing

Have you taken the time to complete all the steps above but your garden is surrounded by an old and worn timber fence in need of replacing? A garden fence is an essential aspect of your garden’s appearance, helping to frame the space. A tired and outdated fence can detract attention from all your hard work and ruin the ambiance of your revitalised yard. Consider installing a new fence to complete the rejuvenation of your garden; we recommend timber treated products that carry a long life guarantee, ensuring the stability and durability of your new fence.

Venetian hit and miss fence panels