Below is a list of common questions and answers related to our Jaksun™ Solar Fence Panel but if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Who can install the Jaksun Solar Fence Panels?

We highly recommend our Approved Installers for the installation of our fences. However, individuals who possess the necessary competence and capability to install our standard fence systems will find it feasible to do so themselves. Once the fence is installed, it will need to be connected to a mains / inverter system (that we do not provide), by a MCS certified / qualified Solar PV installer that is also a member of a CPS from microgeneration technology, such as NICEIC.


Will the Jaksun Solar Fence Panels get hot?

The solar part of the fence will generate warmth, comparable to the heat accumulation experienced by a black car parked in direct sunlight.


Do the Solar Fence Panels need special posts and capping?

Jaksun Solar Fence Panels are designed to be installed in our slotted Jakposts. The Jakposts must be modified slightly, with the top part of the post centre being removed. Capping is essential and this will help conceal the cables that are hidden within the posts. The capping also needs to be modified slightly to include a channel for the cabling. The ends of solar fence runs should utilise intermediate posts, but each end will almost certainly need an infill piece attaching. The cables can be neatly secured inside the post slot, down to ground level.

Detail of Solar Fence Panel Connector

Can the solar panels be installed on Heavy Duty slotted posts?

Yes, the same as our standard posts, the top part of the post centre will need to be removed the same as our standard posts (please refer to our Jaksun Solar Fence Panel instruction document).


Can the Jaksun panels be installed with any other panels?

This is down to personal preference. As with all our panels, a gravel board must be used when a panel is in contact with the ground to keep to the terms of our Jakcure guarantee terms. All our images show the panels installed on a 0.6m high Venetian Hit and Miss Panel with gravel board and using 2.7m slotted Jakposts. This combination works well as it elevates the solar panel high off the ground and above foliage which may obscure the solar panels, and is aesthetically pleasing.

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Can Jaksun fence panel be retrofitted with existing Jacksons fence panels?

Yes but some alterations will need to be made to the existing posts. Once the previous capping and panels have been removed, follow our installation instructions from point 3.

Do they work when it is not sunny?

Our Jaksun Solar Fence Panels will potentially still generate electricity during cloudy weather but this will depend on the level of brightness of the daylight. Like most solar panels, our solar fence panels are most efficient in direct sunlight. Because they are installed vertically, they should also perform well in winter sun conditions, but it is important not to obscure the panels.


Can the panels be installed in a garden where children will be playing or in a public area and how robust are they?

The solar parts of the panel are strong, but we would not recommend them being installed in a garden where a football would be kicked against them or in a park where they could be susceptible to vandalism.


Can Jaksun solar panels be installed on a slope or incline; can they be stepped/raked and to what degree/angle?

Yes they can, up to a maximum step of 150mm, but do make us aware when ordering.


Can the panels be painted or stained?

The timber part of the panels can be painted or stained but due care must be taken not to get any paint or stain on the solar part of the fence. Please read about staining or painting our products on the FAQ section of our website.


How do I reduce the width of a panel at the end of the run?

It is not possible to reduce the width of a Jaksun panel. It is recommended that if a panel needs to be cut down on site, then a similar panel or the panels that are installed under the Jaksun panel is used. This is a 0.6m Venetian Hit and Miss panel in the photos found on our website.


Does a panel run have to be facing a particular direction?

A south-facing Jaksun solar fence panel run will almost always generate more electricity overall, compared with other directions.


Are there any extra maintenance requirements? / Do they require regular cleaning and how often?

Over time, the solar portion of the fence panel may accumulate dust or bird droppings. If it appears that dirt or grime has built up on the panel, it's advisable to gently clean it as you would a window. You can use water along with a soft sponge, squeegee, or brush, but be sure to avoid any tools that could potentially scratch the panel.

For optimal cleaning, consider doing so on an overcast day, early in the morning, or in the late evening. Early morning is preferable as the panels will have cooled overnight, and morning dew can help to soften any grime. Cleaning during periods when the panels are not directly warmed by the sun is also recommended, as water can evaporate quickly and leave marks on the panel surface.


Do the panels require a service?

View our cleaning instructions if dirt or grime are visible on the panels. We do recommend that you have your system serviced by a MCS certified / qualified Solar PV professional that is also a member of a CPS from microgeneration technology, such as NICEIC to check over the system at least once every 5-10 years.

solar garden fence panel

Do you supply batteries for the solar fence?

No, we supply cables for the panels to be clipped together, cables from the fence to the inverter need to be supplied by the solar commissioning company.


Will a solar fence increase the value of my home?

There is mixed opinion on whether solar panels increase the value of a house. According to EcoExperts solar panels can increase a property's value by as much as 14% on average . As the first of its kind in the UK, the value of a solar fence is not determined, however, a good quality garden fence itself can also add value to a home so the two combined has potential.


Is a solar fence suitable for windy locations?

When installed correctly, our panels can withstand strong winds, making them suitable for areas prone to such conditions. As usual, consider our Heavy Slotted Jakposts for very windy locations and for taller fence runs, up to 2.5m high. However, it's crucial to consider potential risks associated with nearby objects being dislodged or moved by the wind and potentially colliding with the panels. These objects may include ornaments, branches, or even trampolines. Therefore, it's essential to assess the surrounding environment and take necessary precautions to minimise such risks during installation and thereafter.


Do I need planning permission / Can I install solar fencing in a conservation area?

To be on the safe side, we recommend you check all plans for installations with the local planning authority. If your property is in a conservation area, or in a World Heritage Site, planning consent will more than likely be required. If panels are to be visible from the highway then they may need permission. Again, always check with your Local Planning Authority.


Can we make any bespoke panels – different width or height?

Unfortunately, at this moment in the time the height (1.17m) and width (1.83m) of the Jaksun panel itself is the only option we offer. The panel can sit on various panels allowing different overall fence heights. The panel width cannot be reduced at the end of a run, so we recommend selecting a different style timber panel for the last bay. View - reducing the width of a fence panel


Do you recommend MCS certified installers?

Yes, we recommend you contact MCS certified installers, but we do not make specific individual recommendations. An MCS certified engineer will need to connect the Jaksun panels to an inverter / mains. MCS Certified engineers can be found using the button below.

MCS Certified Installer Website


If a panel gets damaged how easy is it to replace?

Replacing a panel is not much different to replacing a standard fence panel. The fence should be isolated from the system. Remove the capping and reach into each post, disconnecting the cables. Remove the screws that hold the panel to the post. The panel can now be lifted out of the posts.


Is the cost provided just the solar panel and not the combination including the Venetian Hit & Miss , posts, and capping?

The panel cost provided will be purely for the solar panel and its immediate surrounding frame and timber backing. When purchasing the Jaksun Solar Fence Panels, they must be purchased with our slotted Jakposts. The Jakposts that we supply will have to be modified slightly compared to our standard slotted Jakposts. A modified capping is essential as this will help conceal the cables that are hidden within the posts.

The Jaksun panel has to installed at the top of the Jakpost as this allows a space in the Jakpost for the cable concealment. In theory, any panel can be added underneath the Jaksun panel, but our images show a 0.6m high Venetian Hit and Miss panel at the bottom of the bay.

Garden Solar Fence

Do I have to install the panels with the solar side facing my property?

There's no inherent technical limitation preventing the solar side of the panels from facing a neighbour's property. However, you may not be able to control foliage covering a panel that faces out of your property and it's worth noting that the appearance of the panels may differ from traditional garden fences. We highly advise engaging in open communication with neighbours before exploring any solutions.

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