As we approach the official end of British Summer Time and the darker nights begin to set in, the restricted hours of daylight can sometimes prove to be a bonus for the opportunist thief. Recent statistics from UKCrimeStats, covering England and Wales in the last four years, show that burglaries rise noticeably during the autumn months, by as much as 10% in some places.  If you want to avoid becoming another statistic, now is the time to review the security measures in your garden to ensure there is a good line of physical defense protecting the property.

Home And Garden Security Tips

Selecting the right type of fence is the first step towards improving security around your home and there is an overwhelming range of fencing products on the market to choose from. Before even addressing the aesthetics of a fence you should consider the anticipated life span of the product.  A rotten fence provides a burglar with an easy access point, so look out fencing which offers a superior level of timber treatment which will deliver a long service life.

Timber is generally the preferred material for garden fencing as few of us feel comfortable with erecting a ring of steel around our home! However, there is a fence on the market that combines the beauty of natural wood with the strength and security of steel.  From the distance, the EuroGuard Combi fence from Jacksons Fencing looks like a regular timber fence but beneath the treated timber slats lies a robust welded mesh panel, which will foil even the most determined trespasser. The flat surface of the fence means that it is impossible to gain a good hand or foothold and the closely spaced slats seriously limit any view to the property.  EuroGuard Combi has even been accredited by the Official Police Security Initiative, Secured by Design.

Top Up Your Garden Security

A galvanised steel Security Comb is an additional security measure suitable for a home garden setting.  Featuring a double row of small (40 mm wide / 25 mm depth) steel spikes, the Security Comb can prove an excellent deterrent to any impostor looking to scale a fence or gate.

Always be aware that in some cases, the installation of security extras may require planning permission or Building Regulations approval, if in doubt, please consult your relevant Local Authority department.