The Survey 

What do you do when you hear a burglar alarm ringing in your neighbourhood? Security Alarms, the UK’s only website for impartial advice and information on home security systems decided to survey 1000 of their website visitors with this very simple question.

The results were somewhat surprising, especially as the surveyed are all security conscious types. Although slightly controversial, they decided to share the results with us.

The Results


This infographic shows bells-only intruder alarms (the ones which make a racket and annoy you and your neighbours) simply do just that and very little else in the way of security. If you rely on a bell-only alarm and it activates it’ll most likely be ignored or cause nothing more than a curtain twitch. Unlikely to stop a burglar in their tracks! So why compromise when it comes to protecting your home, family and valuables?

The solution

Make your home the house burglar’s would actively choose to avoid. There are a number of ways you can do this, from simply marking your valuable items with a UV pen to more permanent changes such as your fencing and gates. 

From secure gates on a shingled drive to infra-red driveway beams, security lighting, CCTV and monitored alarms systems all discourage break-ins. With two-thirds of burglars gaining entry through a door and one third through a window - fitting your doors and windows with good locks can go a long way to deterring them.

Don’t forget your garden! Ensure sheds and outbuildings are also secured with padlocks. Prickly bushes can act as a deterrent. Trellis fencing is a great hindrance – making it difficult for burglars to climb in and out.  

For more advice on how to protect your home contact your local Crime Reduction Officer or Neighbourhood Policing Team based at your local police station.