We are delighted to have been asked to partner up on the APL show garden project at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show this year.

Phil Tremayne of the APL was instrumental in suggesting the collaboration between Jacksons and the Association of Professional Landscapers, after I contacted him earlier in the year to ask for his assistance in gaining attention for Jacksons’ new hedgehog friendly gravel boards. My thought was to raise awareness of this wildlife friendly product with the many members of the APL, who may want to champion its use at ‘grass roots’ level amongst their customers throughout the country. This could have a considerable impact and could only be good news for hedgehogs.

Jacksons involvement at the Harrogate Spring Flower Show was on a show garden designed and built by landscaping firm Paxman Landscapes, titled My Family. According to Justin Paxman, director of Paxmans: "The emphasis of this year’s show garden is My Family – traditional values – mealtimes in the open air, spending quality time with family and friends, and sharing stories of the day’s toils. We’re a traditional family business and this fits perfectly with the way we run things. It’s also a great representation of how the APL has developed into one big landscaping family."

I am happy to say Jacksons Woven panels were a major feature of the garden forming an attractive perimeter that complimented the trees and vibrant foliage, including a lush evergreen living wall. Woven panels were also used to create a stylish surround to the dining area of the garden. Also integrated into the fencing was a hedgehog friendly gravel board, as we were keen not to miss a golden opportunity to showcase these.

lush evergreen planting and woven fence panels

 Hedgehog friendly gravel boards

There is a very happy ending to this tale, My Family won more than admiring glances – it was awarded Gold  - Paxman Landscapes' third successive creation at Harrogate to win gold

Below are some lovely video clips taken by Paxmans that we've managed to edit together,  that show how lovely the garden looked, especially the Woven fencing...