Garden Refurbishments To Consider When Moving House

When moving house, many of us feel clueless as to what should be the steps to design your new home. After all, you have to live here, which is a big deal! That is why, to help you figure out all your electricity, energy and interior design needs and queries, we have our blog that helps you with what to consider for your garden when moving house. From walls to garden refurbishings, we can help you with everything!

Generate your own energy in your garden

An excellent way to upgrade your garden is to look at ways of generating your own electricity in your garden. Not only will it help you save on your energy consumption but it will also reduce your carbon emissions and help the environment.

How to generate your own energy

There are several ways to generate energy from your own garden. The most common are:

  • Using Biomass to produce heat and energy
  • Make use of a Geothermal pump to heat your house
  • Installing a mini wind turbine to generate power

Improving the look of your garden

The garden is one of the more appealing features of a house and most people consider it very important. Here are some ways you can enhance your garden’s aesthetic appeal:


Cutting back the hedges

Overgrown hedges can give your garden an unkempt which in turn can make your home look unorganised and neglected. Your garden will look much better, bigger, and organised just by pruning or cutting back the hedges.

Deciding ornamentals according to the style

Deciding the style of your garden is very important when moving house, because that will help you decide what kind of ornamental plants or other materials you will require to make your garden more attractive. Grass plants like Helenium give a very prairie-like look to your garden. Meanwhile, roses and other bright flowers help in achieving a more contemporary style.

Vertical planting and climber plantation

Vertical planting, i.e. planting cute and small saps that grow upwards creates a lasting impact on the eyes of a viewer, and they are cheap as well. So now you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on your lawn. Instead you can reinvent it in pocket friendly ways.

Plant perennials to shell out just once

Planting perennials is a classic idea because they are a one-time investment and are likely to last for years and years to come, essentially livening up your space for a long time. Perennials such as rosemary and lavender do very well. You will need to work out the space each shrub takes and the total area you want to garden. Shopping at local nurseries for these perennials will also help you save money for a good quality plant.

Painting garden furniture to match the ambiance

Painting the same cool colour across your lawn walls can give your garden the ambiance and tone you want to portray. Giving a lick of paint to your fences and shed will complement the ornaments and plants in the space. Use wood protective paint to ensure the wood quality does not deteriorate once painted.

Keep it simple

Grouping small potted plants together can give your garden the sweet and simple retro look, while not taxing you with a lot of work. For example, bright flowers in small pots work well to liven up your garden. Whereas heavy plants and shrubbery that don’t go well with each other can worsen the lawn’s appeal. For example, you would do well to keep your shrubbery and heavy plants in less quantities, and pair it with the right colours.

Plant with patience

Instead of buying ready-made plants, you can also invest your time in growing your garden yourself. The selection of seeds and plants should be based on where you’re moving as the climate of every region has a different effect on the plants. It will be cost effective in the long run as well.

Get creative with outdoor kitchen ideas

It is very easy to find popular outdoor kitchen ideas that can make your garden space look classy, and getting a barbecue table gets you halfway there!