What are wood shavings?

Wood shavings are the by-product or waste product caused as timber is sawn, sanded and milled which often looks similar to a curl or peeling of the surface of a piece of wood. At Jacksons our shavings come from our 28% moisture content kiln dried timber which is untreated which we then manufacture into our fence panels, garden gates and associated products.

What to do with wood shavings

The benefits of using wood shavings or using shavings as animal bedding horse/equestrian/animal bedding

Wood shavings offer a cost effective absorbent bedding option that is readily available and relatively easy to clean up. Easily stored in watertight cling filmed wrapped bales that can be stacked. Pine shavings offer a unique aromatic smell thanks to its natural odour-absorbing oils, but it is also antibacterial and has ammonia-reducing properties. The kiln drying process our timber goes through remove excess moisture, making the shavings more absorbent but also effects the initial weight of the product. Non kilned dried wood shavings will be heavier and therefore result in less product in each bale.

Cons include varying quality issues depending where you buy them from as some wood shavings can be dusty. Wood shavings also need to be mucked out regularly to avoid the build-up of ammonia and to avoid respiratory problems.

Wooden shavings bundle


Wood shavings in the garden

Shredded materials from wood conifers (conifers e.g. pine, yew, larch etc.) such as wood shavings make for high quality mulch. The reason is the shavings decompose slowly making them long-lived, reducing the need for re-application, saving you time and money. When used as mulch they make a brilliant protective layer, moderating soil conditions by absorbing moisture and slowly releasing it back into the soil helping to suppress weeds and protect the soil from erosion, capping and compaction by the elements.

Why use wood shavings from Jacksons Fencing?

Produced from a variety of coniferous untreated, kiln dried softwood with no hardwood content our shavings arrive ready supplied in compressed bales and are available in bulk buying options. They are durable, long lasting and free from pathogens. Weighing an average of around 18kg, cling-film-wrapped with a polythene cover over the top to ensure dry safe storage they are perfect for use as cubicle bedding, equine bedding, pet bedding, and most other animal bedding.

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